Best fitness trackers in 2021 Top activity bands from Fitbit, Garmin, and more

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people become health conscious. Because the first thing which comes to save you from this all is your health.

Fitness is the real gem, which allows you to live life joyfully, or you can eat whatever you want.

If you don’t have fitness, there are lots of problems that will grasp your body, like fatness, any type of disease like diabetes, in which you will be restricted to eat what you love.

When you go outside with the family or friends for tracking, you can easily climb the things, you play any type of sport, but if you don’t have a fitness then there is a restriction for everything.

Covid-19 pandemic taught us many important things like how to live your life? Covid-19 taught us that it is most important to stay healthy and fit.

Many run but behind the money and dreams, though they are important things you need health and fitness to achieve those and to enjoy those once you achieve them.

In the market there are lots of fitness trackers available which will help you to be active, getting more sleep and stay fit.

There is the best fitness tracker available which helps you to track your progress, and also provides you guidance on how hard you should be pushing yourself.

Some fitness trackers or a fitness watch which you need can be tricky, in the article we have come with the best fitness tracker lists, which will help you to stay healthy and fit.

What are the best fitness trackers?

For some people, the best fitness tracker is that which is not so much costly and works best with the maximum features, for some people best fitness tracker is the Fitbit Charge 4.

Fitbit Charge 4 comes with many built-in features like a GPS and extensive health tracking, also the cost of the Fitbit Charge 4 is around $149.

The features which are important like a swim-proof, so that you can track your fitness while swimming, and no restriction will come while tracking fitness, sleep tracking, and a bright touchscreen display that can responds instantly to swipe and taps are available in the Fitbit charge 4.

The Fitbit charge 4 also supports wireless payment and on-device Spotify controls.

If you are not satisfied with these features and looking for more, then you can think about the Fitbit Sense, which is also the best fitness tracker and one of the best smartwatches you can use.

Fitbit Sense offers you an advanced health analysis and a dedicated app store. It also supports Alexa voice assistant on-board.

With the having multiple and advanced features we can compare the Fitbit Sense with the Apple watch, both are the best fitness trackers which can be compared with each other.

Below are some best fitness trackers which you can buy today, check once and chose a suitable one, these trackers are easily available on Flipkart or Amazon, from which you can buy them.

How to chose the Best Fitness Trackers?

List out the basic things which you want in your fitness tracker, once you evaluate your basic needs, what do you want into the tracker?

You can evaluate the basic things like why you want a tracker? For gym purposes or to count steps, heart rate and based on that chose the simple and cheaper tracker which will be best suitable for you.

If you planning to track you are outdoor activities like jogging, cycling, for that you have to buy a fitness tracker having a GPS built in it.

So, that you can more correctly track your records and can see on the map how you and how run, what’s your track of running or cycling and where you went?

You have to buy a waterproof fitness tracker if you planning to track your swimming activity and with that, the tracker must have to track your laps in the pool.

Nowadays most smartwatches come the many additional features, you can use them not only to tracking your fitness but also you can send a text message from it or you can attend a phone call from that.

But smartwatches have shorter battery life, and you have to charge them regularly for use.

How to test the best fitness trackers

However, while buying the fitness tracker which you want, the first thing you need to evaluate is how comfortable it is to use because you have to wear it the whole day.

If the tracker is a touchscreen, then check how easily you can click on it to perform some action on the tracker, obviously, the touch is the important factor of the tracker, by which you handle the tracker.

Examine the tracker’s readability, whether you are able to read the things in the sunlight or not? check how complicated it is to handle or setup, because you don’t want to waste your time to start or stop the music.

Test the tracker by checking whether it is counting your step correctly or not, sleep monitoring and distance counting is working fine or not, check you are heart rate accuracy and whether the claim things against the battery backup is true or not?

You can also test it by checking what features the app support, like diet tracking or coaching. and if it can sync the data with the third-party app or not?

The best fitness trackers you can buy Today

1. Fitbit Charge 4


The Fitbit charge 4 has come with advanced features, like GPS, which you can use for your jogging, cycling, biking, or any outdoor activity as it syncs up with your smartphone and shows you the map.

In the Fitbit Charge 4, you can also use the features like a heart rate count, in what amount your calories burned?

The sleeping tracker also has the SpO2 pulse oximeter sensor, which helps you to track your sleep better.

You can buy it on Amazon

Sizes Available with a Small and large size
Battery Life (Rated) 6 to 7 Days
GPS Tracker Available
Water proof Yes
Sleeping Tracker Available
Heart Rate Monitor Yes

2. Fitbit Sense


Fitbit Sense has the most advanced feature and comes with advanced features like an FDA-approved ECG sensor. Which makes the Fitbit Sense company’s top-shelf smartwatch.

Fitbit sense not only comes with the ECG sensor but it also has the most advanced feature like a blood oxygen reading.

The Fitbit sense also has the feature like a GPS tracker Alexa and feasible to work with both iOS and Android.

You can buy it on Amazon

Sizes 40 mm
Battery Life (Rated) 6 to 7 Days
GPS Tracker Available
Water proof Yes
Sleeping Tracker Available
Heart Rate Monitor Yes

3. Amazfit Brand 5


Amazfit Brand 5 also has the features like a blood oxygen reading, it also has the alert which is more effective for everyone, the Hight heart rate alert, which alerts you when your heart rate goes high.

It also offers stress and sleeps monitoring, the battery backup of the Amazfit is also good and it is available at a low price as compared to the others.

You can buy it on Amazon

Display Sizes 1.1″ / 27.9 mm
Battery Life (Rated) 15 Days (Activity Mode)
GPS Tracker Not Available
Water proof Yes
Sleeping Tracker Available
Heart Rate Monitor Yes

4. Amazon Halo


Amazon Halo, with the advanced feature like how you capture the 3D scan of your body, using the AI, on the basis of that it determines the how many percent of the fat is present on your body and also show you how you will look like with the less fat.

If you planning to lose weight then this tracker is suitable for you.

You can buy it on Amazon

Sizes Free Size Available only
Battery Life (Rated) One week or 7 days
GPS Tracker Not Available
Water proof Yes
Sleeping Tracker Available
Heart Rate Monitor Yes

5. Garmin Forerunner 245


Garmin Forerunner 245 is the best fitness tracker for runners, it is good-looking the small, and light-weighted, having the features available like a GPS tracker.

The Garmin Forerunner 245 having a colorful screen which makes it easy to see in the sunlight.

As it is having built-in music storage, it makes it easy for the runners or doing outdoor activities while listening to their favorite music without carrying the burden of the smartphone.

While running it is important to take a rest and Garmin Forerunner 245 offer you the same feature by calculating your Vo2 max score, it suggests how long to wait between the run.

You can buy it on Amazon

Sizes Free Size Available only (Adjustable strap)
Battery Life (Rated) 11 to 13 (With GPS and Heart rate tracking)
GPS Tracker Available
Water proof Yes (Without swim tracker)
Sleeping Tracker Available
Heart Rate Monitor Yes

6. Apple Watch Series 3


GPS tracker is not a new feature for the apple watch, for iOS users the Apple Watch Series 3 is the best fitness tracker to use.

It is most affordable than the Apple watch series 5 and also having the great fitness tracking features available baked into the Watch OS 6.

You can track your laps in the swimming pool by wearing this watch, you can track various workouts like yoga, and jogging, and cycling.

The Apple Watch Series 3, track you once you start a workout and when you missed gives you a retroactive credit.

The Apple Watch Series 3, allows you to leave your smartphone at home while doing the gym or doing outdoor activities with the GPS.

The only thing Apple Watch Series 3 need to improve is the battery backup which is less than a day if you use GPS.

You can buy it on Amazon

Sizes Available Small and Large band, 32mm and 42mm
Battery Life (Rated) 16 to 18 hours
GPS Tracker Available
Water proof Yes
Sleeping Tracker Not Available
Heart Rate Monitor Yes
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    I still use my old Fitbit Alta that my mom handed down to me! It’s scratched (by her, not me) but it works. This is a nice overview! It would be cool to have one that has rainbow colors, not gonna lie.

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    Thanks for the info. I just got a Fitbit and was wondering if it was a good one.

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