Top 10 Most Famous Tourist Destination in India

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 I have brought up the 10 most famous tourist places to travel to and remember for a lifetime. 

1. Shaniwar Vada (Pune, Maharashtra)

Shaniwar Vada is one of the most famous Historical places in Pune, Maharashtra; if you are interested in Indian History, traveling to this place would be an incredible journey.

The Beautiful luscious garden and the eye-pleasing architectural beauty of the Mysterious 5 Darwaja known as Delhi Darwaja, Khidki Darwaja, Mastani Darwaja, Ganesh Darwaja, and Narayan Darwaja

All of the Darwaja has a history to tell about the Peshwas, and it was built in the 17th century by Bajirao

People from all over the world visit Shaniwar Vada and experience the leftovers of Indian History right before their eyes.

It is also known that Narayan Rao was killed by his uncle in 1773 by his uncle Raghunath Rao out of jealousy, as after his brother’s and parent’s death, he was the one leading the Throne.

The Locals say that his soul is still roaming in the fort, and on a whole moon night, the people staying near the fort can hear his voice saying uncle mala vachva, which means Uncle, please save me. 

If you want to learn about Indian history and experience greenery, architecture, and some horrifying, thrilling vibes, then you can experience Shaniwar Vada Fort. 

2. Anjuna Beach (Goa) 

Goa is the place anyone should travel to not just once but often in a lifetime, as the place is utterly chill for everyone! North Goa gives you a complete package of party and adventure, and South Goa is all peaceful.

Anjuna Beach is one of the most exciting beaches in Goa; the beach offers the Peace and adventure you are striving for while making the trip. 

There are many restaurants near the beach where you can order exotic foods, fruit juices, and more. 

Lay on driftwood that has a shade, enjoy your food, grab a beer, play some music, and enjoy the beautiful water waves with the bright, glowy sky.

Anjuna Beach also offers adventure with incredible water sports! You can enjoy thrilling adventure water sports like Jet skis, Parasailing, bumper rides, speed boat rides, and many more. 

The combination of Peace and adventure at Anjuna Beach in Goa is an experience that will make you grab a note and mark it as one of the best moments of your life. 

3. Mahakaleshwar Temple (Ujjain)

The Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple is one of the spiritual destinations to travel to and attain high realizations and Peace. 

Situated on the banks of Rudra Sagar Lake, it is the best spiritual place with eye-pleasing beauty. 

The Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is one of the 12 powerful Jyotirlinga, and anyone who visits it with a pure heart and offers prayers to Lord Shiva attains growth, prosperity, and desired abundance. 

Bhasma aarti in Mahakaleshwar temple is something everyone should experience once in a lifetime. It starts in the early morning at 4 o’clock. 

The linga is decorated, and aarti is done with the sacred ashes of the dead. It is also said that people who witness the Bhasma aarti are among the luckiest and have high deeds to experience.

So give yourself a soul-pleasing experience with the blessings of lord Shiva Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga. 

4. Banjhakri Waterfalls (Gangtok)

Gangtok is one of the most beautiful places in India, and most importantly, the people there are very welcoming and friendly to everyone. 

A complete Gangtok trip is a must, enjoying the view, paragliding, and visiting the Banjhakri Waterfalls is pleasing and admirable.

The roadway to the waterfall is beautiful, with greenery and big trees, and the tourists will have an excellent ride to reach the destination.

Banjhakri Waterfalls has mouth-watering ice cream stalls, and the Waterfall experience there is unique.

Visitors can also go boating and watch the waterfall live, enjoying the pleasing waterfall sound that removes all the bad energies, negatives, and stress – and welcomes a new and positive you in your life. 

People often visit the place with their friends, family, and loved ones, and it’s utterly worth anyone’s time. 

5. Kumarakom, Backwater’s (Kerala)

Don’t miss the Kumarakom Backwaters bliss in Kerala; the place is surreal, and the beautiful green carpeted landscape is eye-pleasing. 

Book a houseboat and take a tranquil escape to the countryside. Experience village life and observe the Kerala people’s culture and tradition.

The boat ride is soul enlightening. Plug in your earphones, grab a coconut water, and escape into a different world of beauty and Peace. 

As the boat moves, you’ll feel melodic and connect more to nature, wildlife, and your inner self, giving you a pat on the back for the stunning trip.

6. Alipur Zoo (Kolkata)

Experience wildlife and nature at the Alipur Zoo.

Who can miss the famous Alipur Zoo in Kolkata, where more than 3 million tourists visit annually? The famous Bengal Tigers are the major attraction of the place.

The Zoo is spread over 44 acres and has 108 fish and 1200 animals, birds, and snakes, which Visitors can watch.

Many stalls and restaurants are present in Alipur Zoo. You can pack some food, eat and watch the wildlife, or go inside the restaurant and have a delicious variety of food.

The place is perfectly cleaned and well-maintained. People can also have a picnic and throw the waste in the dustbin.

Enjoy the sightseeing of animals like Bengal tigers, venomous snakes, zebra, black bugs, lions, tortoises, Deer, giraffes, Fishes, Anaconda, leopards, etc. 

It’s a perfect tourist place and a must-visit if you plan a trip.

7. Chokhi Dhani (Jaipur)

Chokhi Dhani was introduced in 1990; the place is famous for giving fine-dining Rajasthan food.

Experience Rajasthan culture, statues, and next-level ancient scenery inside. 

There is also a boot bungalow inside, ice-cream stalls, and Ankara where wrestlers wrestle and entertain the visitors.

When you visit the place, you can see small girls wearing Rajasthan ethnic and doing nritya, and old statues and ancient villages are made describing the old Rajasthan tradition.

 It’s so pleasing and healing to visit Chokhi Dhani. 

The place is a 10/10. We suggest you experience it at least once in your life.

8. Kedarnath (Uttarakhand)

One of Lord Shiva’s 12 powerful jyotirlingas is situated in the middle of the snowy mountains. You can trek there to seek blessings from him and manifest your desired results.

The place is blissful. You can book a hotel near the temple and stay closer to Lord Shiva’s beautiful, architecturally impressive, and serene temple. 

Kedarnath trip will give you the soul peace and the spiritual gain your soul has been seeking for years.

9. Gulmarg Woods (Kashmir)

Gulmarg Woods is one of the iconic and serene places in Kashmir, where you can experience breath-taking mountainous views, hills, and snowfall.

You can book a hotel and stay there to experience a heaven-like feeling and cherish the moments your whole life.

Do bonfire, eat exotic foods, play indoor games, meditate, and enjoy the beautiful snow all over the place

10. Agha Palace (Maharashtra)

Agha Palace is the ideal place to watch live Indian History and learn more about the Indian struggle for independence and Gandhi.

Gandhi, Kasturba, and Mahadev Desai were jailed in Agha Palace during the fight for independence.

Agha Palace has all the realistic statues of Gandhi, his ideas encrypted in walls, and even his personal belongings, from clothing to shoes and other freedom fighters’ statues and photos. 

Final Thoughts

Traveling is self-healing; staying in one place leads to boredom and depressive thoughts, so when you feel down, explore and experience new places.

The places mentioned above are best chosen and self-experienced, and I can tell you these are the best tourist destinations to remember for a lifetime.

So this was it from my side; we’ll be back on account with more exciting content. Until then, take care.

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