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There are various reasons for individuals may need a mobile number tracker online for free with a location. For example, parents may need a tracker to track their kids’s movement, identify suspicious calls, or keep track of their employees.

Now the question arises here Can we do this? and the answer to this is Yes, you can track phone number locations online for free. There are many websites and apps available online which let you track the exact location of a mobile number.

Here, we will discuss some of the online options that you can use to track phone number locations for free.

How to Track Real-time Location of Kid’s Phone of Any Number and Monitor Activity

Track my child’s phone without them knowing for free, Now in this busy life, every parent has a dream and wishes to know their kid’s live/real-time location every time, especially in a metro city where the classes and schools are far away from home.

In these busy and crowded cities, every parent wants to know what’s going on around their kids where they are, and what they are doing.

There are many applications and websites available online but they failed to provide an accurate live location. Most of the applications and websites failed to track phone locations in a real-time. However, there are many third-party applications available that provide you with access to more tracking features.

Why track or know someone’s location?

There may be various reasons for this but as discussed there are parents who want to know the location of their children for safety purposes.

1. Phone Tracker by Number


The mobile app helps you to quickly, accurately, and conveniently find your children’s location via mobile phone number.

The app enables GPS location tracing between parents and their kids in a secure and private network.

Hence the user can easily view all the locations their communities have been to by checking the app’s history on their cell phones.

You can add as many of your children’s numbers into your network and successfully track them with the app.

For Android devices click here to download the application

2. Number Tracker Pro

Number Tracker Pro is a free tracking application. The database of the Number Tracker Pro application includes the number more than 200 different nations.

The application alerts you when the phone number has been found for which you are looking.

The application is suitable for both iOS and Android. The application provides the all information regarding a phone number without informing the owner of the targeted phone number.

3. Mr Number Lookup and Call Block

The application is also free to download tracking application, but you can track mobile number location easily. It also helps to identify quickly if the targeted number is a scammer’s tool or not.

You can download the application free but it has a monthly, yearly, and lifetime use paid subscription.

4. Mobile Number Locatormobile-number-locator

The fourth mobile application is also the free mobile tracking app like the other application listed above.

The mobile number locator application provides you with the details of any mobile number location using the number on the device. With the location, the application also provides you with a piece of information related to the owner’s name, city name, and state location.

This app you can use anywhere in the world to track a mobile phone number. The app will be shown a mobile number location on Google Maps.

5. CallSmart: Caller ID + Block


The CallSmart application is a popular one among iOS users. The reason behind this is that the application provides you with the name and the location of the unknown caller.

Another important feature of the application is that it provides you with information about the user who is looking for your number using the application.

The application is free to use but to use an additional feature you have to pay and subscribe to it.

Mobile Number Tracker Online Free with Location

There are many online websites available for free that allow you to track mobile numbers online with their location. Many people not interested in using the application to track mobile numbers can use these websites easily.

You can use these websites for free to track a mobile number location if you don’t have enough memory in your mobile phone or you don’t want to install the app because of some reason

Below is the list of websites that you can use to track the mobile number location without installing an application.

1. Phone Locationphone-location

The phone location website allows you to track the current or live location of the target devices, mirroring their geolocation on the map in real-time.

The website does not require any application or software to install on your mobile or into the targeted devices.

You can track the phone using the website which only takes a few minutes to complete the entire process. The whole process works in the background mode and does not affect your mobile phone battery or performance.

The website allows you to track the exact location of any phone number instantly.

To track the phone number on the website you have to specify the targeted phone number’s country code and phone number in an international format.

Once you insert the all information click on the Launch button to activate or trigger the search process. Phone location can also help you to find the mobile device.

2. Live GPS


The Live GPS tracking website is a free tracking website that you can use without any fee. You can track your kids, friends, or their mobile number for free using the website.

The process of the website is fast and complete within a few seconds once you insert the required details.

3. GPS Mobile Number Tracker


GPS mobile number tracker is a website that allows you to track a phone number online for free.

The GPS mobile number tracker website uses historical data like GPS, Wi-Fi connection, and cell tower triangulation.

The online tracker website finds a number worldwide, 100% free of charge.

The online tracker website has a simple form where you have to input the basic information to track the mobile number including the estimated country, country code, and phone number.

Once you insert all information and click on the search then the phone’s location will be shown on Google Maps in a few seconds this is the best mobile number tracker with Google Maps.

4. Phone Number Trackerphone-number-tracker

The fourth website is also a free website for the tracking of any number for a free. Using the website you can pinpoint any landline or mobile number across the world.

Enter the phone number that you want to track and select the country from the dropdown to track the targeted phone number.

On the website, you can track other things on the website with the targeted phone number apart from the live location. You can track the full name, address, and other related information with the mobile number.

5. Mobile Number Tracker

You can see that the name of the fourth and fifth websites have identical names, just the initial word is changed from phone to mobile and mobile to phone.

The website is the top website and you can track the live location of mobile numbers and landline numbers and also you can trace the sender of the bulk SMS.

The website has mobile number tracker software which helps to trace the mobile number’s current location online through the owner’s operator or service provider.

You can track the phone number easily within 10 seconds. The website tracks the number only confined to India and the USA.


This blog post provides you with a piece of information about the five mobile applications and five websites that can help you track the location of the user using the mobile number alone.

It is easier for the parents in terms of the safety of their children and also to know the spammers calling and disturbing them.

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