8 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Social Media

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Lots of bloggers start blogging but not able to attract the traffic they want and give up to early and many of them discourage very early because they write many blogs and share them but not able to gain much traffic. On the internet these days there are nearly all things available and in such a situation, if you want to gain traffic then you need to think something out of the box, you need to become more creative. To increase your views on social media you need to be more creative and need to follow on regular basis without discouragement. you need to do marketing in social media without. In the article, we have written the best 8 ways to blog marketing on social media and if you follow things rightly on regular basis, sooner you will also become the social media marketer. Following are the 8 ways to boost your blog traffic through social media.

1.Promote your content in Facebook: Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Social Media

Start posting regularly on Facebook, there are many users with a choice in various subjects and if you able reach to them then you can see the rise in traffic soon. There are many groups on Facebook in which you can share your blogs, the members of groups share, like, and comment onto the blogs, you can join it on only one condition to share, like, and comment on others post. Increase your friend list and invite all to like your page if you have or share your blogs with all. On Facebook, there are groups with specific topics related to your blogs, but there is no guarantee that the member will share, like, or comment on your post or not, but you can attract the members by writing useful content.

2.Promote Content in Blogging Forums: Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Social Media

Blogging forums are nothing but websites on which all members discussed the different aspects/features of blogging, for example, how can we increase the readership or how can monetize a blog. Many blogging forum members encourage other members to share their content and get engagement from each other content, which exactly the same as some Facebook groups.

3.Participates in the link parties: Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Social Media

The link party which is also known as a linkup or linky is an inline event that happens weekly. The link parties are the concept of social parties, where all bloggers gather and encourage to share the links of their content and engage with the other blogger’s links. The hosters of link parties are usually bloggers who are having a large number of followers and usually, they have a specific theme. The hoster sets aside a page for the link party on their website and for a certain time opens it for the posting.

4.Write a guest posting for the Industry blogs: Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Social Media

There are many blogging sites that are written blogs dedicated to the industries, try to write the guest blogs for such blogging sites. By writing the guest blogs/posts for such particular blog websites, gives you an opportunity to reach the traffic of their website and if you grab the chance you can direct some of the traffic to your website.

5.Make your content easy to share: Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Social Media

Write the content like the readers will stay and read your blog and not only reads but share it with their friends and family, which increases the followers for your blog indirectly. If people start to share your content then your followers will increase rapidly, if one person shares it with two persons then your getting followers in multiple by 2 from one person. Once people start sharing your content, your blogging website begins to be popular among them and then you just need to put the quality content on your website.

6.Focus on sharing visual content: Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Social Media

people scroll through social media endlessly for an hour, so it is much easier to miss lots of content that might be interesting and helpful for others. Because large content people avoid reading the post, but if you post the content with some images and GIFs which explain the post a little bit, the user starts to read the content. More than 80 percent of people on social media read the visuals like images, charts, diagrams and if they like it then they start to read the post. Add elements like graphics, images, GIFs, videos, animations while sharing the post, by which the user stops and starts to read the content.

7.Invite others to guest blog on your website: Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Social Media

Invite other people to write a post on your website, remember to accept only the quality content, which helps to bring the new readers to your website. they are likely to share your article and also get traffic to the same article from others they write.

8.Write a “Round-Up” posts: Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Social Media

A “round-up” post that consists of a list links to the other contents to the other posts or websites. Like if you write some articles on the topic and give a link or mentioned other bloggers or websites. Share those posts on social media by tagging them and if they noticed they will share your article which gives you traffic indirectly.

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