Interesting Fact about Labrador Puppies

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Interesting Fact about Labrador PuppiesThe Labrador retriever is the favorite pet of the Americans, and it has been the most popular breed for 28 long years. Labrador retriever is an easygoing, affectionate, and energetic family-friendly dog that has all-rounder qualities in any field.

The name of Labrador is misleading because they hail from Newfoundland and not from Labrador. They initially worked as duck retrievers and as a fisherman’s mate in Newfoundland; after that, the English nobles took the breed from Newfoundland to the UK during the nineteenth century.

Here we’ve mentioned some interesting facts about Labradors Retriever:

1. Labs love water

One of the most amazing facts about Labrador Retrievers is that they love water. Labrador retrievers were made to be the best water dogs. They have water-resistant double coats with short fur that provides the insulation and warmth but doesn’t drag them down when it gets wet.

They also have a thick tail, which is used as a powerful rudder, and webbed feet that help them to swim fast. All these features of the Labrador made them great competitors in Dock Diving trials.

Fishers used the dogs to bring in nets, pull ropes between boats, and recover escaped fish.

2. They are purpose-bred hunting dogs

Labradors were initially made as bred hunting dogs. They originally started as duck retrievers, and then during the 1800s, they were brought back to England, where the British produced them as game-hunting companions.

Today, they have become excellent retrievers who can do well in many situations like waterfowl hunting and game hunting. Labs are a wonderful breed in Retriever Field Trials and Retriever Hunting Tests, and these Labrador Retriever Facts make people love it.

3. Labradors are many versatile workers

These are intelligent creatures that are eager to please people and have a willingness to work hard. As a result, labradors are invaluable workers in several fields.

They are the best choice for service dog work, rescue work, bomb and drug research, and therapy dog work. As such, this makes an Amazing Fact about Labradors.

4. Be prepared for endless energy

Though they were laid-back, Lads were initially made to run, work and swim. But, unfortunately, labs are not interested in exercise, not even having a long or brisk walk in a day. Instead, they tend to show destructive behaviors like chewing objects around the house or going away from the yard.

5. Labradors should be given puppy training and obedience classes.

Labradors are bold and bouncy dogs that are strong and fully energetic, and hence proper training and better socialization are utmost requirements for them. One Fun Fact about Labrador Retrievers is that they are eager to please intelligent animals, as they feel joy in training classes.

6. Labrador Retrievers are available in their colors to yellow, black, and chocolate

The Labrador Retrievers are found in the primary colors. Regardless of the parent’s color, a single litter can have black, yellow, and chocolate-colored puppies. Two genes are responsible for the pigmentation of the coat, and it is pretty similar to human color.

7. They see incredible and versatile sporting dogs

Another Interesting prime fact about Labradors is their characteristic intelligence, eagerness to please people, and obedience. This breed of dog performs well in various activities like sports, dock diving, hunting trials, and they also perform well in agility, obedience, and rally.

8. Color is not an indication of character

Most people claim that yellow Labradors are the laziest among all the breeds, while black color Labradors are the best hunters; however, there is no scientific proof to support this statement.

Like people, each dog has different characteristics, and some of the breeds develop their skills in the required field while others are more concerned about confirming their breed standard. However, you should know that none of these differences directly depend on the color of the dog.

9. Labs are the most commonly used breed for guide dogs

The Guide Dogs of America say that, out of the total number, 70% of dogs are Labrador Retrievers, 15% are Golden Retrievers, and the remaining 15% are German Shepherds.

Labradors were selected as the best breed to do the work due to their good nature. Their size, easily adaptable ability, and easily trained characteristics make them the best.

10. They can tell you if you have cancer.

Labradors have a compelling nose, and they can be trained to sniff out the early stages of cancer. If they are acquainted with cancer cell samples, they can be made to smell cancer in people, and it is one of the easiest ways to detect ovarian cancer. In addition, the scientist believes that Labradors sniff out changes in organic compounds that can lead to cancer.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the most Interesting Facts about Labradors, and if you still want to know more about this dog breed, you can contact us.You can also buy Labrador from the Labrador puppy price in Pune, as we offer many breeds at an affordable cost.

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