10 Best Trek in Nepal: Ultimate Guide

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Nepal is known for trekking and adventure. Stunning hiking trails may be found throughout Nepal’s varied landscape in the Himalayas. It’s not fair to say that one Trek in Nepal is the best. Since these routes are distinct from one another and work best when used in their intended direction, you can find the best treks for you by looking at what those treks offer. 

The best Trek for a person will depend on how hard they want the trip to be. Also, the length of time you spend trekking. Your treks are also shaped by how much money you have and how you like to hike. Here is a list of the trekking trips in Nepal based on how popular they are, the scenery, the culture, and the cost. 

Find out which of Nepal’s treks is best for you and fits your tastes:10 Best Treks in Nepal

#1 Everest Base Camp Trek 


The best way to see the world’s highest mountains up close and personal is to go on the Everest Base Camp Trek. This Trek lets you see the Sherpa villages and learn about their way of life. This is one of the best treks in Nepal, and you won’t find anything like it anywhere else. 

Reaching Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, may be the most incredible adventure of all. But walking up to Mount Everest’s base camp is just as exciting. 

During this Trek in Nepal, you can follow famous mountain climbers’ footsteps. You’ll also see beautiful High Passes and the loud Dudhkoshi River. The famous Namche Bazaar, the peaceful Imjatse valley, and several Buddhist monasteries are along the trail. 

#2 Annapurna Circuit Trek 


The Annapurna Circuit is considered one of the best Nepal trekking packages. In the Annapurna area, the path goes through many different types of terrain. Explore the natural and cultural variety that is abundant there. A spectacular panorama of the Annapurnas, Macchupucchre, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Langtang Himal can be seen from this walk. 

Our trekking tips suggest tourists who come to the area should go on this hike since it has an abundance of natural and cultural splendor.  

Explore this place from the dense rainforest to the high alpine. 

#3 Manaslu Circuit Trek 


The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a fantastic trek with amazing views of the peaks on the border between Nepal and Tibet. The beautiful Mount Manaslu, the world’s eighth-highest peak, is the focal point of this expedition. 

During this Trek in Nepal, you reach Larkya Pass, the highest point, and some other tough Mountain Passes. The trail goes through villages that are both Hindu and Tibetan. And ancient Buddhist monasteries came from many different cultures. 

The topography along the Manaslu Circuit trekking route is varied, remote, secluded, and rich. It’s an excellent trip for people who want to try something new and exciting. And want to see the beautiful sights in the Himalayas. So, it makes sense that this trail is one of the best in Nepal. 

#4 Upper Mustang 


Trekking in Upper Mustang offers the best short Trek in Nepal. The people and the land in the area are similar to those in Tibet. Because the site is cut off from the rest of the world, it has been able to keep its culture and landscape from hundreds of years ago. 

Many trekkers go to Mustang for the Buddhist monasteries and caves carved into the sides of cliffs. Mustang is exciting because it looks like a semi-arid desert with deep valleys, rock shelves, and snowy peaks on the edges. 

Mustang is a hidden paradise in Nepal. It is hidden behind the majesty of the Himalayas. This Trek is a must for anyone who wants to see the beautiful landscape and learn about Tibetan culture. 

#5 Annapurna Base Camp Trek 


The Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a journey through stunning highlands that ends at the foot of Annapurna. The trail goes through villages with friendly people and beautiful valleys. The Trek goes through various landscapes and quickly gets people close to the base of peaks higher than 8,000 m. 

This is one of the best Nepal trekking packages. The Trek is a great way to see both the beautiful natural scenery and the many different cultures of the Annapurna region. Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp is a lovely, breathtaking journey that gives hikers a lot in return. 

# 6 Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking 


This is the cheapest Trek in Nepal. The hike takes you through beautiful, scenic, and unique terraced farmlands. 

Aside from the warm and welcoming Gurung villages and the stunning rhododendron grove, the rhododendron forest is in bloom in the spring and is very pretty. On top of that, the view of the high mountains from the vista is just as appealing. 

The best part of the Trek is seeing the sunrise over the Annapurna range. This Trek is the best way to see the beauty of the Annapurna Region in Nepal in a short amount of time. 

#7 Langtang Valley Trek 


The lush landscape and traditional communities of the Langtang Valley make it a popular destination for trekkers and the cheapest Trek in Nepal. The Trek is a great way to see the Annapurna and Makalu from Langtang Ri, which is a great place to look out. 

The area is close to Kathmandu and is just as wild as any other part of the Tibetan highlands. It is surrounded by peaceful countryside. The Trek allows you to learn about the unique Tamang culture and walk near beautiful glaciers at a low altitude. 

The view of the mountains from Langtang Valley is breathtaking. The hike is the best choice for the one. Do you want to learn more about the rich and beautiful Tamang culture, landscape, and plants? You should get a trekking package Himalayan from Himalayan Trekkers. 

#8 Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek 


This is a trip to the base camp of Mount Kanchenjunga, the second-highest mountain in the world. During this Trek, you learn about the people and nature of eastern Nepal. We have the best trekking hacks for you here. 

The trip takes place in the wild high mountains, deep in the isolated mountain ranges on Nepal’s border with Sikkim and Tibet. Some of Asia’s most exciting animals live in this area. The Trek lets you see the site’s unspoiled culture and beautiful nature, making it a rewarding adventure. 

#9 Gokyo Ri Trek 


The most beautiful place in Khumbu is the Gokyo Valley, which has gorgeous side glens, turquoise lakes, the country’s largest glacier, and an arc of snow-capped mountains. The Gokyo Ri Trek is a lovely walk-through forest and over many suspension bridges to the Gokyo valley. 

This Trek is also beautiful because of the beautiful ridges with shrines on top, the cute little towns, the alpine valleys, and the glacial moraines. One of the most breathtaking parts of the Trek is seeing the five Emerald Lakes in the Gokyo Valley all at once, under the watchful gaze of the valley’s towering mountain peaks. 

On the Trek, the beautiful ice ridge between Cho Oyu and Gyachung in the Khumbu region can be seen. This is the best trekking package Himalayan for people who want a unique adventure and stunning views. 

#10 Upper Dolpo 


Upper Dolpo offers you the best short Trek in Nepal. Tibetan-style settlements, beautiful, desolate landscapes, and breathtaking mountain peaks make Upper Dolpo a hidden treasure of Nepal. The area has hundreds of years old culture and hasn’t changed much since then. 

The trail goes over the Nagdalo La (5350m), Shey La (5000m), and Jeng La high passes (5110m). It has a lot of long climbs and challenging descents. Trekking in this area is complex and rewarding simultaneously, as it has some of the most beautiful landscapes, fantastic mountain views, and engaging cultural experiences. 

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