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Goaaa…. A Perfect and famous destination for all beach lovers. Just thought of goa getting closer to the tall palm trees, golden sandy beaches, yoga retreats, loud parties, and many more.

Though you can visit Goa at any time of the year, the best time to visit goa is between the months of November to march. In December the number of people visiting goa all around the world increases.

Not only the backpackers and youth love to visit goa, but also couples and families come to enjoy beach parties, shacks, swanky resorts, sparkling nightclubs, and casinos. Goa is one of the most ideal destinations for all.

When it comes to beach parties, nightclubs, shacks and casinos, goa beats all other cities.

Now, most of you might have a question in mind which is the best time to visit goa? so that you can not only the places in goa but also the weather which will add the cherry to the top of the cake.



List Descriptions
Weather Cooler than November and more lovely. It downpours for only 1 day this month in a normal year. Lovely bright climate as Goa gets 10 hours of daylight consistently. The typical temperature is 32°C, about equivalent to November. A wonderful breeze blows in from the ocean. Best season at Goa.

The typical ocean temperature is 28°C, 1°C cooler than November. The ocean is quiet because of good climate, no downpour, and gentle breeze. Ok for swimming. However, do check with the lifeguards.


December is top season in Goa, so there are undeniably more individuals on the sea shores. The top sea shores in North Goa – Baga, Candolim, Calangute and Anjuna can become very busy, particularly during the ends of the week, the Christmas and New Year time. The South is generally tranquil, however there are more travelers here as well.


A hot party month in Goa. There are parties all over the place, the clubs, ocean side shacks, and, surprisingly, right on the sea shores. There are daze and rave parties, quiet evenings, and confidential gatherings that you can go to simply by greeting. The south is generally calmer, however after twilight, the south also wakes up with parties.

Water sports

The whole scope of water sports accessible in December. All the water sports administrators are offering everything this month – speed boat and banana boat rides, water bikes, paragliding, kayaking, wind surfing, scuba plunging, and swimming. Waterway cruising, and fishing as well. Water sports accessible right on the ocean front or you can book at the city workplaces too.


All ocean side shacks in the North and South are completely functional. You can take a free sun bed and umbrella, and request your food and beverages. Food incorporates south Indian, north Indian, Marathi, Konkani, Punjabi, Chinese, and Mainland. You can get a back rub at the ocean side shacks too. Into the evening, many shacks have gatherings that happen till late in the evening.


Sunburn, Supersonic Festival, Mando Festival, St. Francis Xavier’s Feast, Mary Immaculate Conception Church Feast, Datta Jayanti, Christmas.


December and January are when Goa gets the most travelers, so normally, the costs will be higher. Nearly all that will cost more – convenience, flights, vehicle/bicycle rentals, food and beverages, rub, tattoo. The expense can be considerably higher around the Christmas/New Year time. In any case, you can set aside cash assuming that you book your flight ticket and room early.


Both the normal ups and downs keep on descending in December, making the climate in December extremely lovely and agreeable. The typical high during the daytime is 32.4°C and the normal low into the evening is 20.6°C. It is normally hottest during the principal seven day stretch of the month.


There is around 17mm of precipitation on only 1 day in the month in a normal year, which is not exactly the 3 days of downpour in November.

The likelihood of downpour goes down as the month advances. In the primary week, it is around 3.6%, however toward the finish of December, the likelihood has boiled down to simply 1.4%.

In any event, when it downpours, it is typically a light shower. On practically the entire days, the sky is clear with splendid daylight.

There are not really any dim or undermining mists any longer. The likelihood of the sky being somewhat overcast is simply 9%. A 4% opportunity of it is being cloudy.


1. Old Goa: During Christmas Celebration


Will strongly recommend you to visit Old Goa if you are going to visit Goa in December. During the festive season of Christmas, you can find some amazing and super enthralling things all over the stores.

During Christmas, Goa looks very beautiful and stunning and all the happy and lucky locals of goa flow completely into the festival during Christmas.

While roaming into the old goa you can see that each and every street is decorated with different types of lighting, stars, ribbons, and life-size decorated Christmas trees, which makes it most delightful and beautiful.

The environment of goa during Christmas is on another level and you will experience a different kind of joy and happiness there.

Old Goa Key Attraction During December

If you are hungry at the midnight then you don’t have to worry about getting food, because in December during Christmas you can get a portion of food easily and that too at minimum or no cost.

It is the key attraction we can say that in almost every church, you can get amazing, delicious cakes, puddings, lavish Christmas dinners with roasted turkey, mixed grilled seafood, & Bebinca.

2. Arpora Midnight Shopping


If you are in goa or at any place only for vacation and not purchasing anything from there it will not happen at all right? Shopping is the important part when it comes to ladies and especially when you are in the goa retail market that too in December.

Arpora’s Saturday Night Market in Goa is one of the best and most popular places you must have to visit if you are in goa and especially in December.

If you are not too interested in shopping though will suggest you visit it once just for an experience.

You will find some amazing things in the market as the shopkeepers always bring some amazing and best satiate the large influx of tourists in December.

Visit Time of Aprora’s Market: The market opens at 6 pm every Saturday and closed in the early morning.

3. Dona Paula Bay or Any Beach – Water Sports And More


Many of the visitors especially the youth come to goa to enjoy the water sports most and we can say that yes, goa has the best water sports which you can enjoy the more.

If you want to do some adventure and want to do water sports we can recommend Dona Paula Bay which is popular for its best water sports in goa. Though you can attend water sports from any beach in goa Dona Paula Bay is one of the best.

The sports activities are taken under good guidance with enough security measures. Take extra precaution from your side, be brave and enjoy it from the heart.

Key Attractions of Water Sports in Goa
We can say that the key attractions of water sports are scuba diving, windsurfing, parasailing, and many more.

4. Clubs, Bars, and Shack: Nightlife of Goa in December


Without a doubt, another reason goa is famous is its Clubs, Bars, and Shacks. You can enjoy another level of nightlife in goa almost on every beach.

Baga beach is the most famous among all other beaches for its nightlife, with this the Calangute beach and Arpora beaches also have the best clubs and shacks which you can enjoy the most.

All these places offer you delicious food, and music with the cool crowd dancing to the electrifying beats. If you love music and dancing you must have to visit one of the famous clubs to enjoy it.

If you love to just sit and experience the environment, we recommend you grab one of the shacks and experience the never ended sea in front of you.

Especially during the night, it’s another level of experience or we can say a meditation to sit calm and listen to the sound of sea tides. We here recommend you try it once.

5. Casinos - Witness the Lavishness


Casinos, which are on a huge boat in the middle of the river Mandovi, will be a lifetime experience for those who have not visited a casino yet and only saw it in the movies.

Into December you will experience the all more glamorous and enjoyable all over with the lots of offers to enter the casino. It will be a great chance for you also to earn some extra money or probably to lose LOL.

These casinos receive a guest from all over the world. The casinos include unlimited drinks and food till you have money in your pocket and during December, they also provide you with packages that include the meals in it for you.

Key Attraction of Casinos in Goa
In the casinos of goa, you can play various games including 3-card poker, baccarat, blackjack, pontoon, mini flush, casino war, and slot machines.

6. Chapora River Sunset Ride in Goa


Charpora river is the most famous and beautiful river that runs along the north part of goa which eventually joins the Arabian Sea. As the goa is full of beaches and surrounded by seawater almost from all sides and that is why this river is a bit more famous.

The Chapora River has the ideal water for White River rafting and other sports like Kayaking. Travellers or tourists can go for the cruise rides which go every day at night and can enjoy the sea breeze with some appetizers.

Sunset rides are most famous in this area and are popularly known for their view during the ride, at the time of sunset the river looks more beautiful than ever.

The calm and peaceful surroundings around the river help one connect with their inner self and feel relaxed. One can easily drive up to the beaches of this peaceful river and escape the busy city life.

The key attraction of Chapora River Sunset Rides in Goa
During the sunset ride, you will experience the peaceful environment around you, a beautiful river look at the sunset, and various local dances during the ride.


Q. Is goa Crowdy during December?

A. Yes, Goa is most crowdy during December as the various parties, and events are organized for the festivals.

Q. Is goa expensive in December?

A. Yes, December is the peak month in Goa for tourists and therefore the prices certainly increase during the month. The prices are not just high for the accommodation but for all including flights, food, and activities.

Q. Where can I go for Christmas in Goa?

A. You can visit the popular churches in goa like, Bom Jesus Basilica, and the Church of Lady of the Rosary and can attend the midnight mass and Christmas parade.

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