Weight Loss: 5 Simple Morning Drinks To Melt Belly Fat

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If you are looking for a swift fix for belly fat, all you have to do is choose the top morning drink. Read on to find out what to drink on a vacant stomach to lose weight quickly.

Here are 5-morning drinks that you can have an empty stomach and it will boost your metabolism and help you to reduce your belly fat. These drinks are high in nutrients and if you take them in the morning it will lose your body weight also, especially in the morning your metabolism is at its peak.

To lose weight all you have to do is to have discipline and dedication towards it, but though there is one part of our body where it seems difficult to lose fat for everyone that is belly fat.

But if you know the right deals it may not such a difficult task and you may just able to get relieved of your belly fat efficiently. The easiest way to do so is to pour down the right drink in the morning and take the healthy snacks.

01. Lemon Water with Honey

lemon water

If you love to drink lemon juice, here is good news for you. all you have to do is to take start your day with lemon water which can do magical things for your body.

lemon contains antioxidants and pectin fiber, which may help to reduce your belly fat fastly also, provide you energy.

All you have to do to make this drink is to take lukewarm water and squeeze the lemon into it and add one spoon of honey to it, mix it well and it is ready to drink. This is the perfect drink to start your day with which will improve body health

02. Green Tea

green tea

If you are a tea lover then this is perfect for you to replace your milk tea with this. Take green tea without adding sugar to it, as it contains antioxidants it also helps you to cut down your belly fats.

Green tea also prevents you from overeating later in the day as it suppresses your appetite. Take only one to two cups of green tea daily more than that can cause loss of calcium from your bones. Take it daily and you will see the difference in a few weeks

03. Jeera water

jeera water

Jeera is the most common thing and you can easily find it in your kitchen, you must know about the jeera as we use it in our dishes.

Now you have to use it to lose weight. Jeera water is the low calories water that will help to boost your metabolism and will help you to cut down your belly fat.

Jeera water also helps you from overeating by suppressing your hunger. All you have do is take a tablespoon of jeera and add it to one glass of water and leave it for the night, in the morning boil it till water become half of it, strain it in the cup, and add a little lemon in it and have it on an empty stomach and you will see the magic in few days.

04. Saunf water or Fennel water

saunf water

Saunf is known as a Fennel in English, we use the saunf for chewing after having our meals, it also uses in certain remedies and also comes with health benefits. It helps to detox your body and detoxing is linked with weight loss.

Saunf helps to boost your metabolism and reduce your belly fat. All you to do to make this drink is take a tablespoon of Fennel and it in the glass of water leave it for the night, In the morning strain the drink and have it on an empty stomach and see the results in few days

05. Ajwain or Carom water

ajwain wate

Ajwain or Carom seed help to boost your metabolism and digestion naturally which leads to fat loss. To make this drink all you have to do is take a two tablespoon of roasted carom seeds in a glass of water and leave it for the night, on next day in the morning mix the water well and have it, you will able to see the result in the few weeks

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