Ashtavinayak darshan – Sequence, Route Map and Significance

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Ashtavinayak, The word “Ashta” simply means Eight, and “Vinayak” is another name of Ganpati. Eight Ganpati’s.

The most popular Ashtavinyak’s are located in Maharashtra near Pune city.

The Ashtavinayaka Yatra is the most famous Yatra in India, Which covers all 8 Ganpati’s.

All the eight Ganesh temples are “Swayambhu”, the word simply means “Self-Originated”.

Ashtavinayk’s are known as the “Jagrut”, which means whatever you wish with the pure heart during this “Yatra”, lord Ganesh fulfil your wish with the blessings.

There are many travelling agencies available, which organize the Ashtavinayak yatra.

Normally, The Ashtavinayak yatra is completed in 2 days but if you have time and want to complete it by following all rituals it will take 3 days to complete.

You can attend this yatra during the weekends and can complete it with these two days.

Normally, the people who are having some “Navas” or “Mannat” or some “Vow” attend the yatra to complete the same.

These all temples are known with different names, and each murti is different from each one.

Each temple in the Ashtavinayak yatra is having its own individual legend and history and all the temples are ancient.

Ashtavinayaks are having different names like Chintamani located at Theur, Moreshwar located at Morgaon, Girijatmak located at Lenyadri, Mahaganpati located at Ranjangaon, Siddhivinayak located at Siddhatek, Vigneshwar located at Ozar, Varad Vinayak located Mahad, and Bhallaleshwar located at Pali.

Ashtavinayka Yatra Sequence

Traditionally, Moreshwar Vinayak of Morgaon is the first temple to start the Ashtvinayak yatra with.

Moreshwar of Morgaon has a special place of his own during this yatra as you have to start the yatra by visiting the Moreshwar temple and also you have to end the yatra with the Moreshwar only.

This means you have to come back at the end of yatra to the Moreshwar temple for completing the yatra.

Once you start the yatra with the Moreshwar of Morgaon you can visit all temples nearby it and can stay at Ozar at the night

On the second day starts from Ozar, you have to end the yatra with Moreshwar again.

There are many sequences of the Ashtavinayak yatra that are given in different places, but here we are giving you the sequence in a way that will be convenient and easy to complete the yatra.

The sequence of the Ashtavinayak Yatra is as follow

  1. Morgaon
  2. Siddhatek
  3. Theur
  4. RanjanGaon
  5. Ozar (Stay)
  6. Lenyadri
  7. Mahad
  8. Pali
  9. Morgaon

Ashtavinayak Yatra Rules

If you are going to attend the Ashtavinayak yatra by following all rituals, here are the two rules you have to keep in mind.

We can say that all these rules you have to follow if you have some wish which wants to come true or you have some “Navas” or “Vow” to complete.

If you are attending or doing the yatra without having anything in mind, you can skip all these things and can attend the yatra with a pure heart.

It is said that by following all rituals and rules, Lord Ganesh gives his blessing to you and fulfil all your wishes.

The first rule to follow is that you have to start the Ashtavinayak yatra by taking the Darshan of Moreshwar of Morgaon and have to end it with the Darshan of Moreshwar of Morgaon only.

After starting and ending Ashtavinayak yatra with the Darshan of Moreshwar, can assume as Ashtavinayak yatra completed.

The second rule you have to keep in mind is that you can not go to your home or anyone’s for rest during the Yatra.

It is said that you have to complete it without stopping, or resting anybody’s home.

All these rules are believed and we are confirming or saying that you have to follow these rules, but as per rituals, everybody follows this.

Ashtavinayak Yatra Routes Map

Below we try to cover the details of each temple details and convenient routes of the same.

1.Morgaon Ganpati Temple


Moreshwar is the first Vinayak you have to start your Ashtavinayak yatra with and it is the last one to end your yatra with. The Temple is built during the Bahamani rule, with the black stone which has the four gates.

To save the temples from the attack of Mughals, it is built into the middle of the village with having the minarets covered from all four sides and to give the impression of the mosque.

The Unique thing you will see here is that there is a Nandi, sitting in front of the temple, Nandi can be seen in the temples but normally in the temples of Shiva only.

There is the story behind this, it says that this Nandi was being carried to the other shiva temple only, but the vehicle carrying him broke down in front of the temple.

Nandi statue is placed at the same place where it is right now. After that, the Nandi could not be removed from its current place until now.

The murti of the Lord Ganesha is riding onto the peacock, with the two other murtis of Siddhi and Riddhi.

Below are the distance and the time to reach the temple from Pune and Mumbai.

Distance from Pune: 70Km
Time to Reach from Pune: 1hr 50 mins

Distance from Mumbai: 217Km
Time to Reach from Pune: 4hr 26 mins

Morgaon Ganpati Temple Timings

The Temple is open to devotees from 5 AM till 10 PM. The Prakshal Pooja, Shodashopachar Pooja, Panchopachar Pooja, and the Shej Aarti are some of the rituals that are performed every day.

2. Siddhivinayak of Sidhatek Ganpati Temple


You can visit the Siddhivanayk of the Sidhatek next after the Morgaon as it is a close one.

The Siddhivinayak is unique from all the 8 Vinayaks as the trunk of this murti is positioned to the right.

Peshwa’s general Haripant Phadake was built the main road towards the temple.

Punyashloka Ahilyabai Holkar builds the present temple in the 18th century, the idol of Lord Ganesha is nearby 3 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide.

It is said that the right side trunk of Ganesha is supposed to be very strict for the devotees.

The Temple is situated next to the Bhima River, 15 feet in height and 10 feet wide.

You have to travel nearby 1hr 40min to reach Siddhatek from Morgaon.

Distance from Morgaon: 66KM

Siddhatek Ganpati Temple  Timings

The Temple opens at 4:15 AM and closes at 9 PM daily.

3. Chitamani of Theur Ganpati Temple


You can visit the Chitamani very next after the Siddhivinayak of Siddhatek, as both temples are close.

One of the famous stories of the temple is Lord Ganesh is supposed to have got back the precious Chintamani Jewel from the cheap Guna for philosopher Kapila at this spot.

After bringing back the Chintamani Jewel, Kapila put it into the Ganesha’s neck, and hence the word come “Chintamani Vinayak”.

The Village is also known as the Kadambanagar into the old times as this all happens below the Kadamb tree and the lake behind the tree is also known as the Kadambteertha.

Right now there is no space to park the vehicle outside the temples but there is a huge space inside the temple.

The Outer of the temple is built using wood and it looks very attractive and beautiful and is believed to be built by Peshwas.

If we calculate the distance of the temple from Pune is only 30km and close to the Pune Solapur Highway.

Distance from Siddhatek: 90KM

Chintamani Ganpati Temple Timings

The Temple opens at 6 AM and closes at 10 PM daily.

4. Mahaganpati of Ranjangaon Ganpati Temple


The Fourth and consider the first day last Ganpati you are going to visit is the Mahaganpati of Ranjangaon.

If you are too fast then only you are going to visit the Ganpati into the light.

It is believed that Lord Shiva is worshipped here, before fighting with the demon Tripurasura, Shiva worshipped Ganesh here.

It is also believed that Lord Shiva built the temple where he worshipped the Ganesha and the village or town set up called the Manipur which is currently known as the Ranjangaon.

The campus of the temple is large and also has the story painted onto the inner walls

The temple is close to the Pune Nagar Highway via Shikrapur and has only a distance of 50 KM from Pune.

It is believed and said that the original idol of Lord Ganesh is hidden in the basement.

It is also said that the Idol which is hidden in the basement having 10 trunks and 20 hands called Mahotkat.

However, there is no such confirmation about the same and also the temple authority denied the existence of an Idol.

There are two guardsmen onto the gate namely “Jay” and “Vijay” and the temple is designed in the manner that during the Dakshinayan the sun rays fall directly onto Lord Ganesh.

Distance from Theur: 45KM

Ranjangaon Ganpati Temple Timings

The Temple opens at 5:30 AM and closes at 10 PM.

5. Vighneshwar of Ozar Ganpati Temple


The Fifth Ganesha after the Mahaganpati you can visit is the Ozar.

The distance from Ranjangaon to Ozar is much far, and you will get a minimum of 4 hours to reach there.

We suggest you travel to Ozar from Ranjangaon and take a day off.

In Ozar there are Bhaktnivas available to rest for the devotees at a very low cost.

You can rest 4-5 people in one room with the charge of only rupees 500 and also the breakfast, team available at morning.

Another reason to take a rest in Ozar is that you can take a darshan of Lord Ganesha at the very morning.

Once you took the darshan of Lord Ganesh at the very morning you leave for the next Ganpati and can cover the other Ganpati’s very fast.

The temple of the Vinayak of Ozar is 20 feet in height and the rubies in its eyes with the Ridhi and Sidhi placed onto both sides.

The top of the temples is golden and said that it is built by the Chimaji Appa, after defeating the Portuguese rulers of Vasai and Sashti.

It is said that, after defeating the Portuguese rulers of Vasai and Sashti, Chimaji Appa build the temple with the top golden.

Distance from Ranjangaon: 195KM

Ozar Ganpati Temple Timings

The Temple is open to devotees from 5 AM to 11 PM. However, darshan is closed between 11 AM to 4 PM in the afternoon.

6. Girijatmaj of Lenyadri Ganpati Temple


The Second Ganesha you will visit onto the second day of the yatra is the Girijatmaj of Lenyadri.

Be strong and Have enough water with you while visiting the Girijatmaj Ganesha, as the temple is located in caves about 100 feet from the ground.

We can say that the Lenyadri is one of the most beautiful places to visit among the 8 Vinayak.

Even if you want to go outside during the weekend’s, you can think about this place, as it is beautiful to visit.

There are many trees and you feel nature glims while going upward.

Many small caves are having lots of cells in them for meditation. While going be aware of the monkey’s as they grab the carry bag from you directly.

It is said that the Mata Parvati performed an atonement to have Ganesha at this point.

The name Girijatmaj means, “Girija” is “Parvati” and “Atmaj” is “Son”, Parvati’s Son Ganesha.

The temple is sculped into the single stone hill having more than 300 steps, the hall of temples is 50 feet long and wide with 7 feet tall.

Shivaneri, where Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born is about 10km from the Lenyadri.

Distance from Ozar: 16KM

Lenyadri Girijatmaj Ganpati Temple Timings

The devotees are allowed to visit the shrine only from sunrise till sunset.

7. Varadvinayak of Mahad Ganpati Temple


The 7th temple of the yatra and 3rd during the 2nd day of yatra your going to visit is Varadvinayak of Mahad.

The temple is located near Khopoli and three kilometres from the Mumbai Pune Highway and hence closer to Mumbai city.

There is a little pond behind the temple where you can relax and capture some glims of nature.

Temple is built into the DA 1725 by the General of Peshwa Ramaji Mahadev Biwalkar.

Four elephant idols guard the temple firmly from 4 sides, the temple has the idol of Mushika, Navagraha Devatas and Shivalinga.

In the shrine of the temple, there is an oil lamp, it is believed that it bur continuously since 1892.

This is the only temple from all 8 Vinayak’s where the devotees are allowed to personally pay their homage and respects to the Ganesha, Devotees are allowed to go near the Vinayak to perform their prayers.

Distance from Lenyadri: 230KM

Mahad Ganpati Temple Timings

The Temple opens at 6 AM and closes at 9 PM every day.

8. Bhallaleshwar of Pali Ganpati Temple


The 8th Vinayak from the Ashtavinayak yatra your going to visit is the Bhallaleshwar of Pali.

We are not going to say that this is the last temple of the Ashtavinayak yatra, because you have to go to Morgaon again for completing the yatra.

This is the only temple from the 8 Vinayak’s, where you need to go downside by getting off some steps.

It is believed that Lord Ganesha has to save the boy Ballala, who was beaten by the villagers and his father for his determined loyalty to Ganesha.

In 1760 Nana Phadanvis reconstructed the original wood temple into the stone temple.

The temple is constructed in such a way that the sun rays fall onto the Lord Ganesha murti at sunrise during the Dakshinayan.

Right after this if you want to complete the yatra as per the rules or ritually you have to go to visit Moreshwar of Morgaon and after that, you are Ahtavinayak yatra will be considered as completed as per rituals.

Distance of Morgaon from Pali: 90KM

Ballaleshwar Pali Ganpati Temple Timings

The Temple is opened daily from 5:30 AM to 10 PM.

If you are fast you will end up visiting the Moreshwar of Morgaon on the same day or you have to take a rest on Morgaon for the day.

There are also Bhakt Nivas available to stay at night at a very affordable price or you can take a rest to the hotels near highways.

Onto the early morning, you can attend the very first Aarti of Lord Ganesha and complete your Ashtavinayak Yatra.

After getting the Darshan of the Moreshwar you can be allowed to go home.

We will be sure that this will be one of the great experiences of all time.

Let us know if you want some more information about something or need us to change anything by commenting.

Ganpati Bappa Moraya.

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