8 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

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It is observed, that 8 people out of 10 are trying to lose weight every time.

But if we look for the efforts of these people or the diet and exercise they are doing to lose weight, it is found that they are not doing it in the way they need to.

Hence, they end up frustrated, many try to copy as posted on social media without having a piece of expert advice about the same and following the right path to do it.

Many people try different diet options but forget the proper way to do that, there are the best exercise to lose weight at home or the fastest weight loss exercise but, you have to do that daily without and gap.

It will not accept that you are doing the exercise when you want to do that and follow the diet only when you have time, it will not do any effect on your body.

Discipline has become an important factor when you think about losing weight.

By doing exercise it will not only help you to lose weight, but also it will improve your mood by which, you will feel more energetic the whole day.

In this article, we are sharing the best exercise to lose belly fat, the one thing you have to do is that to do it regularly with following the proper diet and will show you magic definitely.

Here are the 8 best exercises for weight loss

1. Walking

walkingWalking!, really? are you joking? we walk daily but it is not helping to lose weight? and like many more questions come into your mind right?

But, the answer to all of your questions is Yes, it will help you to lose your belly fat if you do it regularly and follow the way it has to be done.

Walking is the best exercise you can do and you can do it anywhere without giving any excuse.

As per the study, it is said that you have to walk a minimum of 45 minutes to 50 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week, at the speed of 6.5 km per hour.

At the start, you can walk 30 minutes, 3-4 times a week at the speed of 6.5 km per hour.

If you do it on regular basis and are able to maintain the speed of walking, you can burn around 180 calories per 30 minutes of walking.

You can walk any time and anywhere, in the morning near your home, after lunch near home or office, in the evening or whenever you get time, you can also walk while talking on your mobile phone.

Just one thing you have to do is maintain the speed while walking and also have to do it regularly.

2. Jogging or running

runningJogging and running is the exercise to lose belly fat in 2 weeks, with the only condition to do it regularly and follow the proper diet given.

Morning jogging is the beneficiary one, for which you have to do it on regular basis, it will not only burn your calories but also it will give you many profits.

You can do this in the short ground and can have many rounds as much as it covers the routine time.

Jogging or running also strengthen your muscles and reduce your death from a heart attack or any type of stroke.

The question that arises here is what is the difference between jogging and running?

If you walk more than 10 minutes per mile can consider as jogging and walk above 10 minutes per mile can be considered running.

One thing we want to suggest is that you have to avoid running or jogging on hard platforms so that it can not harm your joints in any matter.

Try to do jogging or running on some soft platforms, avoid concrete roads or tough roads, you can use treadmills which provides cushioning.

To lose belly fat in 2 weeks, you have to run or jog a minimum of 30 minutes with a minimum speed of 7 to 9 km per hour, and min 3 times a week.

By following all as mentioned below, you can able to lose more than 372 calories per 30 minutes of running.

3. Cycling

cyclingCycling is one of the popular exercises, which not only helps to lose belly fat but also improves your overall health.

You can do cycling anywhere, or into the gym where stationary cycles are available.

If you don’t have time, you can do the cycling while going to you are work office, so that your time can consume and you can do the exercise as well.

Cycling also minimises the risk of cancer, heart attacks, and increased insulin sensitivity as compared with those who are not doing cycling.

If you do cycling for a minimum of 30 minutes, it can help you to burn more than 270 calories for that you have to ride the cycle more than 19 km per hour.

Cycling is the best for athletes and for the people who are willing to maintain their health.

Cycling not only strengthen your bones, decreased your fat levels but also helps to decrease your stress levels.

4. Weight training


Weight training is the most popular choice for people who are willing to lose weight and have to gain muscles.

If you do the weight training for more than 30 minutes, it will help you to burn more than 120 calories.

Weight training not only strengthens the muscles but also increase the metabolic rate. It can increase the 7 to 9 percentage metabolic rate.

Increasing the metabolic rate can be similar to burning additional calories during the day.

As per the research, it is said that if the weight training is done regularly for 24 weeks can be lead to an increase in the metabolic rate by more than 9 percent.

Increasing the metabolic rate by more than 9 percent can be similar to burning more than 140 calories per day.

The study also says that the body continues to burn calories many hours after the weight training workout.

5. Interval Training

interval-trainingInterval training is popularly known as HIIT (High-intensity interval training) which is one of the effective training and general terms to refer to the bursts of intense exercise.

HIIT is the type of training that involves reprised episodes of high-intensity effort followed by various recovery times.

You can do this training using medicine balls, weight machines, body weights, free weights.

If you can do the HIIT for 30 minutes, it can help you to burn lots of calories more than 100.

Regularly following and doing the HIIT, can help you to lose the belly fats easily which you want to reduce.

The only thing you have to do HIIT is to choose the exercise type you want to do, any type of exercise you can do like jumping, jogging, cycling and time you have for rest.

6. Pilates

pilatesPilates is a friendly low impact exercise including the steady movement that improves your balance.

Pilates help to improve strength, mobility, flexibility and if you do this exercise in the morning, it also helps you for improving your mood throughout the day.

Pilates mainly focus on the smaller and more serious muscles that support your structure and improve your overall health.

You can able to do this in a small space, like your bedroom or living room, if you don’t have enough space.

It mainly improves the core muscles of your body, lower back hips, and abdominal muscles.

Pilates helps to burn more than 100 calories if you can do it for 30 minutes.

You can distribute the exercise into sets and can repeat them in time.

If you can do pilates regularly for more than 2 weeks, you can see the result effectively and it also reduce your stomach fats.

Pilates not only can help to lose weight but also improves your mood, lower back pain, strength, endurance and overall fitness level.

You can do the pilates into the home and can start your day fresh in a great mood.

7. Swimming


Swimming is the best exercise by which it can improve your overall muscles.

Single swimming covers all parts of your body and improves your strength of it.

Swimming can be done into the swimming pool only LOL. this means you have to go outside for this with having swimming clothes with you.

The important thing is you have to know how to swim, else you need to join the swimming class for the same.

Many peoples choose swimming as a top priority among all the exercises so that they can cover their passion with maintaining health.

By doing swimming you can able to burn more than 400 calories in only 30 minutes.

We can say it is a magical exercise as it is burning the large sets of calory into only 30 minutes.

You also enjoy swimming and can not realize that you are doing some sort of exercise and it becomes enjoyable.

It improves flexibility in your body and also reduces the risk of heart attacks, indirectly it improves your heart condition.

Swimming also helps to improve your stamina, strength, at the start you can easily get exhausted by doing swimming for only 10 to 15 minutes.

8. Yoga


Popular among all exercises is yoga which helps to reduce your stress level.

As many people did not take it as a weight loss exercise, but if you do it regularly and follow the right way it helps to reduce your belly fats.

There are many asanas that help to reduce your belly fat easily, like Surya Namaskar, Trikonasana, Dhanurasana, Bhujangasana, and many more.

The only thing in yoga that becomes important is to follow the way of doing, you to do it in the right way as it is instructed to do.

By doing 30 minutes of yoga, you can able to lose more than 180 calories.

Yoga gives you are body a shape, which everyone wants and do the exercise for.

Yoga is another exercise that helps to improve your stamina and also reduces belly fat.

Yoga also helps to cure some diseases, and there are many examples present.

Yoga also improves mental and physical health which is proved by the experiments.

You can do yoga in the home and can join the yoga classes to learn it.

Bottom Line

All the exercises listed above are not only effective for weight loss but also improve your overall health.

Doing the exercise regularly and following the proper diet will give you a result quickly.

While doing the exercise you have to be disciplined and have to follow the routine regularly.

But doing all these the important thing is that you have to follow the diet, diet is the most important thing while doing the exercise.

Nowadays, it is indirectly become more important to maintain health and for that, you have to do the exercise regularly.

If you are not so passionate about doing the exercise there are various exercises you can do as listed above.

You can do cycling, walking, swimming, yoga without having an extra effort for that.

You can do cycling and walk for your regular work, you can go to market by cycling or by walking.

Many people are willing to do swimming, they can do that so that with the completion of their passion they can do the exercise with that.

Many people follow their passion in the way that they can maintain their health like they can go mountain for climbing, or do cycling to explore various locations.

You can do the same and can find you are a unique way to follow the passion with maintaining the health.

The one thing to remember that do the exercise on regular basis and follow the proper diet while doing the exercise.

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