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The correct strategy and positive approach are the keys to get success no matter what the field is, all you have to do is to follow the strategy with the positive approach. While studying for the competitive exam all you have to do is make your own strategy which will effectively and help you to crack the competitive exam.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the important competitive exams conducted in India, we will also discuss the preparation strategy, syllabus, important topics, and evaluation required for these examinations. Before going forward about the preparation for the examination, it is more important to know why the government section is highly sought for growth and career prospects.

Why Government and Bank Jobs?

In India, the highest employment-providing area is the government sector. Every year lakhs and thousands of aspirants grab the opportunity to join the government sector and enjoy’s the perk of the government sector. Before joining any sector or doing anything the most important thing we do is look for the benefits, there are plenty of benefits in the government sector which gives you the reason to join the government sector. We have listed some of the major benefits for you below.

  • The most important thing in a job we look for is Job Security, in the government sector you get a hundred percent of job security.
  • Government jobs are well-known for Financial Security, as the perks, income, benefits, and allowance are the major reasons to attract aspirants in this sector.
  • The government sector is the most Respectable Industries to work
  • With the properly scheduled working hours, it is easy to manage the balance between work and personal life.

Preparation Strategy for Competitive Exams

Before studying or starting we get certain questions in mind like

  • How do get start the preparation for Government Exam?
  • What strategy should I follow to crack the exam?
  • Can I able to do prepare for Govt. exams in a home?
  • Can I crack the government exams on the very first attempt?
  • What are the important topics should I prepared for the exam?

The questions like this will never stop coming to our minds and the list goes on. Here are some strategies you should follow while preparing for the government exam.

Time Management

In the competitive exams, the most important part is time management and answer the questions efficiently. If you have a strategy for managing time and if you gave time efficiently to each section, there is a better chance of scoring higher in the exam. By understanding the question paper patterns and being thorough about the topics you are great at, you can achieve time management easily.

Know the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

It is important for each aspirant to know the exam pattern so that the aspirant can prepare by using the reference of the same. As the pattern of the competitive exams can change at any time, it is important to you to know the pattern, which will save your efforts and time. knowing the pattern you can more prepare for the section you are not good at and give time to it more effectively.

Attend Online/ Offline Classes Regularly

It is clear on the choice of the aspirant to attend the class online or offline, but it is important to attend the classes on a regular basis. not attending the classes on a regular basis can affect the preparation for exams. By attending the classes you can learn the new techniques and gain more knowledge on the topic your not good at. Which will help you to increase your performance and score well on the exam.

Solve the Mock Tests and Model Papers

Try to solve the Mock tests and model papers on a regular basis, to get a better idea about the type of questions asked. By giving the mock tests you can understand the exam atmosphere, also you can understand the topic you are not good at or the topic you missed to cover and prepared more for it.

Get Concepts Clear

The only key to answer the questions smartly is to clear the concept about the topic. There are many students who believe to only read and remember the answer and not clear the concept, which might help them to pass the exam but they failed in each and every interview. If you have your concept clear on the topic then you don’t have to remember the questions asked on the topic, also you can write the answer more clearly and give answers smartly in the interview also.

Be Regular, Well Planned & Disciplined

Having a good study plan is a must for the aspirant to crack the exam. you should be regular on the study. You don’t have to forget that little negligence may give you a major loss. That’s why you should be disciplined in your study plans. Also, you have your own strategy to do a study of each subject and need to give a proper time for it, that’s why you need well planned.

Stay Motivated & Focused

Last but not the least, all you have to do is stay motivate and focused. Keep focused on your goal and wake up each day with having the aim to cover as many as topics. All you have to do is have patience and do your work with focus, patience is the key to cracking the exam.

Getting a Govt. job is the dream of many students in India. If you also looking for a government job keep these strategies in mind and prepared well. The Germinate wish you luck in your future. Below are some FAQs, if you have some questions in mind please comment below and we will give you the best answer by our experts, also please let us know if you like the job by commenting on us.


Can we prepare for Government Exams at home and How?

Yes you can prepare for Govt. exams at home, You can avoid attending classes and spend 5 to 6 hours a day, all you have to do is buy some best books for preparation, attend the online classes, and solving the mock tests and previous year papers which you will get online easily.

How to start competitive exam preparation?

Firstly start with the selection process and exam pattern for the particular exam you want to attend. Once you did, check the syllabus and start the preparation for the exam. Also, you can check online or offline assistance for doubts to solve.

Can I qualify for the competitive exams with 1 month of preparation?

Frankly speaking, to get qualify for the competitive exams with the preparation on 1 month will not possible, but the candidate must have to put extra hours in study and do hard work day and night. At least, candidates need to put in 10 to 12 hours a day for preparation.

Which Government exams are considered to be the best?

Below is a list of some Govt. exam

  • UPSC Civil Services Exam
  • SSC CGL Exam
  • SSC CHSL Exam
  • RRB NTPC Exam
  • UPSC Indian Engineering Service Exam
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