WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Down Globally

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The most used social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are down now globally. People all over the world are not able to receive or send any messages through the applications.

The Applications are gone down in various parts of the world, and the users are reporting the problem since Monday morning.

All the Facebook own applications are down now and people expressing their feeling through Twitter only.

On Twitter, many hashtag’s are running regarding all three applications, some people are in angry mode as they are losing their business because of the same.

People are also making fun of all these three applications over Twitter and thanking Twitter for not going down with these three applications.

Facebook’s current Global Head of Safety, Mr Antigone Davis comes on CNBC for defending the company over the allegations by whistleblower’s and onto the topic of its handling of research data suggesting that Instagram is harmful to teens.

Suddenly, the company’s entire network of services went offline, and the giant social media company need to come on Twitter to apologize for the inconvenience.

All three platforms tweeted through their official Twitter handles, saying that they are on it to solve the problem.

Some people are making fun of Facebook, while others are angry as they are not able to connect with their customers and they are losing the business.

There are many businesses that make a profit and marketing through Instagram and Facebook and providing support to their customers using Whatsapp, but all these platforms are down now.

Some people are saying like this why we don’t have to be dependant on only one thing and need to have more than one option. As a giant company like Facebook is down now then anything can happen and must have to find out multiple options, so that it will not affect our business in a large amount.

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