How To Use Pinterest For Marketing? 3 Actionable Steps You Can Start Following Now

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Nowadays social media is one of the powerful platforms, you can influence people through social media or you can sell your product using it. Social media will always help you to reach out the people only by using your mobile phone or laptop. You can sell your product or brand through social media, it is one where people come to seek knowledge, to entertain, or to buy something interesting.

Pinterest is one of the most used social media platforms using which you can increase your sales. You can share your idea or product in terms of pins which is an image. pins can also content link on click of which the user can navigate to your website, which is why Pinterest is great for driving traffic and sales. Pins can help people to find more information on products they are looking for. In the article, we have covered some information about how to use Pinterest for marketing.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media service intended to share information in the form of images, animated GIFs, and videos. You will find lots of information and ideas on various topics like food, travel, technology, news. With millions of pins on Pinterest people share their thoughts on the platform easily.

Why Should You Use Pinterest For Business?

Pinterest is a social media service intended to share information in the form of images, animated GIFs, and videos. You will find lots of information and ideas on various topics like food, travel, technology, news. With millions of pins on Pinterest people share their thoughts on the platform easily.

As Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks, individuals can find inspiration and ideas related to their interest and hobbies Pinterest is a great opportunity for a business, as it will help to introduce your ideas and blogs to a whole new audience. On Pinterest, one pin can be lead to the other 10 pins which lead to other pins, and so on. There are some points that we have covered for you to use Pinterest.

Pinterest’s total revenue hit the billion-dollar mark in 2019

Earning a huge $1.14 billion in total revenue, As Pinterest saw a nearby 50% increment in revenue earning from the year 2018. Pinterest credits its growth to a direct rise in advertiser demand and meaningful growth in the conversion optimization results that they offer.

The platform is regularly boosting up its internal workings to help advertisers and marketers attain their aspired audience groups. So, it makes reason to add Pinterest as a key channel within your branding and marketing strategy.

Pinterest has a Diverse Global User Base

Pinterest may have started in the US only but now it exceeds the boundaries of geographic borders. more than half of users of Pinterest are from outside the US. The Pinterest user base is growing fast not from the US but from all over the world. it is enjoying double digital growth.

When it comes to the Indian market, Pinterest has more than 180 million active users, and from that nearby, 80 million users are from India only. For Pinterest, India is the second-largest market. For marketers who are still not sure about Pinterest’s impact in Indian, Pinterest has rated the 6th most popular social networking platform in India.

Visual Search is Going Mainstream

Everyone processes visual information quicker than textual information. As it is true even when we use many digital mediums in our everyday life. This simply means that everyone is more likely to respond quickly to visual content. Like images, GIFs, Videos, and so on.

Pinterest is one of the leading social media platforms that allow users to browse and discover via visual search. This gives a great opportunity to any brand whos is in search to boost sales, recognition, and awareness.

As in the social media platforms, we already know visual mediums are better to communicate than others. Survey shows that user always prefers to visual search as opposed to any other new technology.

Women Love Pinterest

If we considered the Indian market of Pinterest, then more than 70% of users are women. Significantly the chunk of the women who use Pinterest is below the age of 40. That means that if your brand provides to this users section, Pinterest is an untapped goldmine for you. You can sell beauty products, home decors, fashion, travel, and many more. Pinterest helps you to reach your right audience.

Pinterest Can Encourage Sales Transactions

People use to visit Pinterest to explore ideas and to take inspiration that can help them to achieve their particular goal in life. Give it inspiration for a no-bake cheesecake or a wall hanging and many more. It was observed that most Pinterest users try to do new things by discovering them on the platform. So if you have art in yourself it is a golden chance to show it to the people on Pinterest and attract them toward you.

In the report, it is found that more than 80% of weekly users on Pinterest used the platform to make up their thoughts about immediate purchases. Out of these users around 50% tried out specific products and others reported make their purchases depend on the brands and products they discovered during surfing. This makes you a golden chance to reach an audience who is willing to buy some different quality items at a good cost.

How To Use Pinterest For Marketing?

Now, let’s start with how to use Pinterest for marketing we have some points for you which will help you to start marketing on Pinterest and attract your audience towards you.

Amplify The Reach of Your Content

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest is the perfect platform for the user who prefers the visual content most. Pinterest attracts the users who want to browse using the visual content, with the attractive image and GIF’s anyone can click on the link which redirects them to the location you want. Us a business perspective Pinterest is one of the best sites as a content aspect.

If you have your latest collections, articles, or any infographic report the platform allows users to click and navigate to the third-party website easily. You can save your pins in one place using the Pinterest Boards and allow your followers to explore your content with rest.

You can create a board based on the factors like the theme, products, services, trends, or any other distinguishing factors that integrate your content while also inspire your audience as there is no cap on boards.

You can invite users to join your boards and even add them using Pinterest Group Boards. You can also boost your engagement and increase your interactions by posting more creative pins and content on daily basis.

Educate Customer

Most people come to Pinterest to seek knowledge, so the content which gives some interesting knowledge to the peoples like tutorials, puzzles, or any forms of educational content will do well for you. Depending on your business nature try to target your audience’s preferences and share more attractive visual appealing content that can add more value to your consumer’s decision to the buying experience.

Boost Sales

In India, buyable pins are not available yet and have only limited reach if we compared them to other social media platforms.

Buyable pins are one of the best steps to get more sales from Pinterest, but it doesn’t make to sales through Pinterest. ‘Shop the look’ and ‘Shop’ tab smart features are available for the Pinterest business profiles, you can make users visit your website or online store.

However, you need to make sure that your description is presented in a manner that makes the user click on the link or visit the shop. The description which includes the important keywords, important product details, specifications, and more relevant information regarding the product will likely perform better.

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