8 Top Highest Paid Jobs In India For Freshers 2022: [A Complete Guide]

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When you enter the market as a fresher, the biggest challenge you face is finding the right job. There are various opportunities in the market. But, you will have to find the one which suits you the most. The biggest challenge for any fresher who is entering the market is to find the right and satisfying job.

There are many jobs in the market available but, you need to find the job which is more suitable for you Finding a Jobs for fresher, which is suitable for us and gives us a good amount of salary is seems a little difficult in India. But once you found such a job the next task is getting a lot easier for you, then after you should focus on what you want.

There a many highest paid jobs in India for freshers but if you look at the work you need to do is not good or not suitable. Here is the article which helps you to find the best jobs for fresher, we have created the following list of top jobs in India.

Top Highest Paid Jobs in India for Freshers

Source: upGrad, Youtube

#1 Software Developer

Software developers and full-stack developers make one of the highest earnings as freshers in India. However, your salary will depend on plenty of elements such as your employer and your location. A software engineer with experience of 3 years earns 4 lakh per annum. That’s not all – because the starting earnings of the engineer can go up to 10 lakh per year.

But again, this figure depends on a lot of elements, including your skill level. You’ll need to be knowledgeable about the latest technologies and the market needs to get high pay. If you are looking for the best IT jobs for freshers, this is a way you can choose confidentially. To know more about the packages offered to Full Stack developers, turn over to blog on Full-stack developers salary offered.

Why choose a software career?

  1. Passionate industry: IT field is always kept on changing. There is only an uphill for the industry. If you keep on updating yourself, you don’t require to worry about going jobless. As the industry is vast, you will get to select a career from a variety of possibilities. 
  2. High salary: IT experts get a decent package reached to many other industries. Get more knowledge about programming languages & get more benefits in overall packages.
  3. Easy to move up the ladder: If you upskill yourself regularly, you can quickly reach higher ranks in IT. Discover more about why to evolve a software engineer.

Qualifications to become a Full Stack Software Developer

Engineers – BE / B.Tech (without coding experience)

Skills Needed to Become a Full Stack Software Developer

  • Technical knowledge
  • Analytical mind
  • Attention to detail
  • Creative vision

Pay Scale of Software Developer



#2 Machine Learning Expert

Artificial Engineering and Machine Learning have taken the modern world by turmoil by designing more personals solutions for users.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineer is to handle, aim, create theories, encourage the processes and practices of computer intelligence. The aim to become Artificial Intelligencer, a candidate, is to create machines, which are capable to record, learn and analyze the stored data.

A machine learning engineer/professional helps brands to make more data-driven business decisions. So that business risks are low. In machine learning, as a fresher, you can earn above rupees 5 lakhs per annum.

Qualification to Become a Machine Learning Engineer

Bachelors degree in artificial intelligence, computer science, or related fields. And you can also do specialization in Machine Learning through various certification courses.

Skills Needed to Become a Machine Learning Engineer:

  • Computer Science knowledge
  • Programming knowledge
  • Problem-solving
  • Data analysis

Pay Scale of  Machine Expert



#2 Data Science

A data scientist has become one of the largest growing fields nowadays and, demand for it has also raising accordingly. As a fresher in a data scientist, you can earn up to 7 lakhs per annum. it is one of the highest-paid jobs in India. If you have experience of more than 5 years then you can earn up to 14 lakhs per annum

Qualification Required

  • A candidate who has achieved their Bachelors of Engineering (B.E)/ Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech). 
  • A candidate must study Mathematics, Computer Application, and Statistics in their graduation or 12th boards can apply for this job opportunities. 
  • A candidate should belong from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) background.

Set of skills needed to become a Data Scientist

  • Statistical Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Data institution
  • Programming Skills
  • Knowledge of SAS and other analytical tools

Pay Scale of Data Science



#3 Lawyer

Attorneys are among the highest-earning jobs in India as well. But in this field too, your education and domain of expertise play the highest role in determining your pay. Corporate attorneys tend to earn a good sum with their average salaries ranging around 7 lakh per year.
If you obtain a law degree from a decent law college then you can expect to earn higher as well. In the past few years, many new fields have also opened up such as Cyber Law, which can provide you with a bunch of new possibilities.

Qualification Required

  • Students must have ended the graduation from a reputed DEB-UGC-approved university/ college/ institution. 
  • Students have done UG or even PG related to the law namely, Integrated LLB (5 years), LLB (3 years), and LLM or any other experienced specialization or experience is mandatory to be a successful lawyer and represent their client or judiciary. 

Set of skills needed to become a Lawyer

  • The candidate must be keen and inclined in the Indian Law or Judiciary system.
  • Deals in legalities, rights, laws (criminal, cyber, etc).
  • Good listener
  • Analytical skill or problem-solving capabilities
  • Quick Responsive
  • Critical Thinking

Pay Scale of Lawyer



#4 Merchant Navy Professional.

Marchent navy is also one of the highest jobs in India. But, it depends on the good location and company then you can expect to earn up to 70-80 lakhs per annum. With high potentials for fresher merchant navy is one of the best options to choose as a career, it has various challenges and you will be traveling all time.

Qualification Required

– B.Tech Marine Engineering, B. Tech Harbour & Ocean Engineering, B. Tech Naval Architecture, and Offshore Engineering.

Set of skills needed to become a Chartered Accountants

  • A passion for sailing
  • Patience, and resilience
  • Exceptional teamwork skills
  • analytical and logical thinking

#5 Data Scientist

A data scientist has become one of the largest growing fields nowadays and, demand for it has also raising accordingly. As a fresher in a data scientist, you can earn up to 7 lakhs per annum. it is one of the highest-paid jobs in India. If you have experience of more than 5 years then you can earn up to 14 lakhs per annum

Qualification to Become a Data Scientist

BE/BTech Or Graduation (Coding experience not required)

Skills Needed to Become a Data Scientist

  • Technical skills
  • Programming skills
  • Data intuition
  • Statistical analysis
  • Programming skills
  • Data mining and processing
  • Knowledge of SAS and other analytical tools
  • Data intuition




#6 Doctor

A doctor is also a very professional and interesting job, if you like to help people more then you will love this job more. There are many courses available to become a doctor. A fresher doctor in India can expect to earn a minimum of 7-12 lakhs per annum.

In this field, your pay depends on your specializations. Like, if your a surgeon or cardiologist then you might expect your earnings up to 18 lakh per year. There is always a demand for a skillful doctor in society. So if you have the skills and the trust of peoples, then no one to gonna stops you from your growth.

Qualification Required

  • In 12th boards, a candidate must score above 70% of marks with science stream from any determination board of education. 
  • Must have completed 5 years and half years of a bachelor’s program in the MBBS field to become a qualified doctor. 
  • A candidate can go for the higher-education such as MD or MS (Master of Surgery). 

Subject Combination – Science stream with PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) or PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology) in 12th class.

Set of skills needed to become a Doctor

  • Ability to work under pressure for long hours
  • Effective decision-making skills
  • Management skills.
  • Analytical & Practical Thinking

Pay Scale of Doctor



# 7 Commercial Pilot

Most people dream to fly in the air. You can complete your dream by becoming a commercial pilot and the interesting part is you get paid for it. A commercial pilot is the high salary jobs for the fresher and you can earn up to 20 lakhs per annum and earn up to 2 lakh per year during your training period.


12th Pass with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) and English, Commercial Pilot License issued by Directorate General of Civil Aviation.


  • Understanding of Maths and Physics
  • Good Communication skills
  • Team working skills
  • Ability to Understand technical information




#8 Civil Services

One of the most popular Jobs among all youth is Civil Service. It also offers high salaries to the freshers. To get a job in Civil Service you need to do a lot of hard work but once you get the job the life of you will get easier.

A new civil services officers can earn around more than 10 lakh per annum. The field has a variety of options like IPS (Indian Police Service), IAS (Indian Administrative Service).


Degree Or Higher national diploma, You need to pass the UPSC exam to get the Central Job


  • Leadership
  • Strong general knowledge
  • Teamworking
  • Communication
  • Decision-making ability




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