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NCC Career Guidance and Job Opportunities the National Cadet Corps, shortly known as the NCC, is the most popular among the students and youth.

The headquarters of the NCC is in Delhi and is mostly available at all schools and colleges, you can join it voluntarily if you want your life to be disciplined and have an interest in the arm forces, you must have to join NCC from school or college life.

If you want to experience the life of arm forces, and want that disciplined, as the national cadet corps is the organization which is the Tri-Services containing the Army, Navy, and Air Force and you can have the experience of these forces into the NCC.

NCC is actively involved in training the youth of the country into disciplined and dedicated citizens.

National Cadet Corps is a youth development movement that has tremendous potential for the nation.

There are various benefits of NCC and provides an awesome opportunity to the youth of the country to develop and to give shape to life, it also developed the commitment, dedication, discipline and values to become the leaders and useful citizens for the country.

If you joined the NCC, it gives all training nearly the same to the arm forces, national cadet corps not only gave shape to your life but also opens the various skills and job opportunities for you.

NCC conducts physical and mental activities so that you can be prepared and enhance your physical and mental strength. NCC shape the career by giving challenging tasks.

There are certain importance of NCC and NCC certificate which can help to boost your career, it will help you to get the opportunities which you want to be.

Importance Of NCC And Benefits Of NCC Certificates

How to Join the National Cadet Corps (NCC)

If you have to Join NCC is voluntary and a prepared student whether a boy or a girl from any school or college can join the National Cadet Corps (NCC). Here is the list are the qualified criteria that must be fulfilled by the candidates who aim to become an NCC Cadet.

  • Candidate Must be a Citizen of India or a subject of Nepal
  • Candidate should have a good moral character
  • Candidate must be enrolled in an educational institution
  • Students should meet the prescribed medical standards
  • Age Criteria to join the Junior Division/Wing – 12 to 18½ years
  • Age Criteria to join the Senior Division/Wing – Maximum 26 years


NCC Certificate and its Advantages

While doing the NCC training during the 2 & 3 years of the junior and senior wing, you got the 3 certificates namely, “A”, “B”, and “C”, the advantage of the NCC certificate are listed below.

Each individual certificates have their own returns and you need to achieve those certificates if you want to grow your career more.

NCC 'A' Certificate:

The “A” certificate is the direct way to achieve the “B” certificate, frankly speaking, the “A” certificate will not help you that much to get the government jobs, but it will help you to get the “B” certificate.

To get the “A” certificate you have to complete the 2 years training of Junior wing or junior division with a minimum of 75% of attendance.

NCC 'B' Certificate:

“B” certificate is the most important certificate for the cadets who are willing to join the army. The cadet can able to join the army as a “Jawan”.

By earning the “B” certificate you will also achieve the extra bonus points in telecommunication and a few other public sectors.

To get the “B” certificate you have to achieve 2 years of training into the Senior Division or in the Senior wing with a minimum of 75 percent of attendance.

NCC 'C' Certificate:

To achieve or get the “C” certificate, the cadet must have the “B” certificate, “B” certificate open your door to get the “C” certificate.

You have to complete the 3 years of training into the Senior wing or senior division with 75 percent of attendance.

To achieve the “C” certificate you have to get a minimum of two national pieces of training with 75 percent of attendance.

The armed forces always give an opportunity preference to the cadets who are having the “C” certificate, the “C” certificate becomes the most important to get the preference for selection into the arm forces.

Career opportunities for NCC cadets

Following is list of few job opportunity you can get, if you have an NCC certificate:

  1. CDSE (Men):
  2. Special Entry (Men and Women):
  3. Recruitment as Jawan:
  5. Strategist
  6. Government Jobs


Source: India & the World by Dr. Nandkishor Kumar, YouTube

1. CDSE (Men)

CDSE which is also known as the Combined Defense Service Exam will happen twice per year and is conducted by the UPSC, there are several criteria to attend the exams like age, marital status, and physical conditions.

The exam has various reservation criteria, one of that is reserved for the candidates having the “C” certificate.

If you have the “C” certificate of NCC, you can prepare and attend the exam and can be built your bright career.

2. Special Entry (Men and Women):

Indian army has a special entry for NCC men and women, the total number of applications asked are nearby 55 unmarried men and women.

For getting admission there are certain criteria you have to be fit for, like an age limit, the candidate has to be in 19 to 25 years of age.

The candidates having the NCC “C” certificate, have to complete the degree with a minimum of 50% aggregates and candidates also have to complete 2 to 3 years of training into the NCC.

The candidates who are studying into the final year of their degree education can also be applied for the position.

3. Recruitment as Jawan

Cadets who want to join the defence as a soldier and if he is having the NCC certificate then he will be awarded some points as per follows:

‘A’ certificate 5 marks (GD) 5 marks (CLK/SKT/TECH) 5 marks (tdn)
‘B’ certificate 10 marks (GD) 10 marks (CLK/SKT/TECH) 10 marks (tdn)
Cadets who are having the “C” certificate of NCC and have particiapted into the parade of republic day will be immune from CEE exam and will be awarded with the 100 percent of marks into the lieu of CEE for rect sol clk /skt, sol tech, and sol NA cat


As the name suggested, you will be trained in the weapon and have to get mastery of the weapons, so that you can train others regarding the same.

You have to train the candidates regarding how to use and handle the weapons like guns, hand grenades, rifles, swords and many others.

With that, you have to teach them how to clean their rifles and maintain the weapons, so that at the time of use they will work perfectly.

5. Strategist

The main roles in the arm forces are of “Strategist”, who decides which weapon will be used regarding the situations, and have to present the plan by taking all situations.

As a strategist, you have to study the war, the place where it is happening and according to that, you have to decide the use of the weapon.

You have to study the opponent’s weak points and strong points, and according to that, you have to plan the battle which takes your side to the victory.

6. Government Jobs

Once you complete your graduations with the NCC training, you can apply to the various government jobs and there are many government sectors where the seats are reserved or available for the NCC candidates.

You have to attend the exams taken by the government for the various sectors, if you want to become a civil servant you can appear for the civil services exam, if you have willing to work in railways, you can appear for railway apprentice exams.

If you give the staff selection exam, you can become the junior engineer, stenographer, accountant, auditor, tax assistant, sub-inspector. You can also give the forest service exam and can serve in the forest.

There are many options into the government jobs, which you can appear for based on your interest and if you have the NCC certificates you will get additional bonus points for that so that you will crack and reserve your seat easily.

Bottom Line

NCC has various career options available and skills that will help to improve your life which carries a positive attitude towards life and shape your career.

As we discussed above there are widened career and job opportunities available related to NCC, which allows shaping and growing your career likewise.

NCC has a wide career and job opportunities, but NCC not only grows you regarding the career but also train you likewise so that it can help you into the day to day life and jobs.

Even if you do not join any armed forces and do the regular job, but after NCC your point of view to live a life will change and it brings positivity and discipline into the life.

It also increases your love towards your mother earth or country and enhanced your emotions to do something for your mother earth or country by which you earn to respect what you have and also feel motivated and proud of your mother earth or country.

We strongly recommended you to join NCC if you have an opportunity to join, and to serve your mother earth or country. It will change your life for sure.

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