Explained: Why the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan is being compared to fall of Saigon

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Saigon is the capital of South Vietnam to which the US-backed. Like Afghanistan, the American military backed the Saigon for 19 years.

But the Saigon fell to the communist rule of North Vietnam, two years after the US withdraws its forces.

The same like Saigon US announces to withdraw all its force on August 31, and Afganistan fell against the Taliban.

Only the difference is, Taliban was able to take the control of the country in less than eight weeks.

Taliban take all major cities like Mazar-i-Sharif, Kandahar, and Herat among others in less than eight weeks, and on a Sunday they entered the Capital of the country, saying they were awaiting a “peaceful transfer” of power.

The United States. which had made the longest-running war in its history from the year 2001, was announced to the emergency deployment of forces in Kabul at last-minute efforts, necessary to evacuate all its citizens, diplomats, and remaining soldiers, as the Taliban continued to improve.

On social media people in a large amount comparing this decision to withdraw forces from Kabul, by Washington with the fall of Saigon.

The same kind of strategy that happened in the US almost a century ago when, the capital of South Vietnam to which US-backed, Saigon, fell to communist-ruled North Vietnam after, the US withdraws all its forces which had been in the country for nearly 19 years.

Saigon, which, is later renamed after the North leader Ho Chi Minh was capture on April 30, 1975.

On April 30, 1975, Saigon was capture and indicated the end of the long war, in the next few months the communists solidified their control over the entire country.

Similarly like Saigon, people and various security analysts are now fear that the radical group could establish their complete control all over Afghanistan in the near future.

What happened on April 30, 1975?

The first Televised war in the world is the Vietnam War. It was an excessive conflict in which nearly 58, 000 Americans and nearly 2, 50, 000 Vietnamese are dead.

The Vietnam war ended with the US being thrown out of the Southeast Asian country.


The war continued from the year 1954 when the “Vo Nguyen Giap” who was a legendary general of North Vietnam, defeated the French colonel troops at the important strategic spot, “Dien Bien Phu”.

Until 21 years later when the same military leader defeated the Americans and South Vietnamese at Saigon.

As this war is televised, the peoples around the world are the witness this terror through their screens, and the world was in the opposition to this so-called “dirty war”.

The same aggressive resistance happened in the US, as the crowd in the US, referring to the then US president Lyndon B Johnson, changed “Hey, hey, LBJ. How many kids have you killed today?”

The US presence in Vietnam is five times more than the US presence in Afghanistan in the year 2010, US army stationed almost 5 lakh of soldiers.

Saigon collapsed on April 30, 1975, and on the next morning on the Television and on Newspapers show the crowd of Americans, soldiers, and Civilians are climb on the roof of the US embassy, In the wait to be rescued by the country’s military helicopters.


As each military helicopter was overfilled and dozens stuck to its skids and jumped down on aircraft carriers before the chopper could land.

We witness the same situation that happened at the Kabul International Airport a few days before.

People try to flee from the country and for that instead of the roof they climb the Aircraft, Helicopter. Many of them hang to the fans and doors of Aeroplan and Helicopter and unfortunately fall down from the sky, as the Aeroplan departure.

Sad but true, many people women, kids are now there who are not able to escape, Taliabnes are now everywhere in the country and nobody is there to save them.

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