Life has stopped: Worst Fears Come True for women as Taliban gain control

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The Whole country nearly changed overnight for women. Even go outside and walking on the streets feel different. our Life has Stopped.

These are not the thoughts, but the words of a women journalist in Kabul, after the Taliban takes control over Afghanistan once again after two decades.

Women had always been under the fear of extremist radical groups. As they take all control over the country at a very remarkable speed on a Sunday. The worst nightmare comes true women’s fears.

Many are fearing that the Taliban will restrict the works of all NGO workers and Reporters or Journalists, while they will roll back decades of gains by women and ethnic minorities.

As the radical group takes over Afghanistan on Sunday, the hopes of the entire generation of Afghans to build the modern, democratic state seems to have melted, on which they raised.

On 15 August, the editor-in-chief of the Fuller Project, Khusbu Shah, post a thread on Twitter and shared with the world, what Afghanistan is going through.

During the Taliban’s earlier rule, women need to wear a burqa always and had to be accompanied by a male relative whenever go outside of the home.

As the Taliban reached the capital of Afghanistan early on Sunday, a photo circulated on social media showing the owner of the beauty salon shop painting over the poster describing women.

The Afghan women also added that all the older women have been talking that how the Taliban fighter beats the women and girls when they move outside home without wearing a burqa.

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Another journalist who was trying to flee from Afghanistan after the Taliban take over the control and was robbed at the gunpoint on her way to the international airport she added. Even her passport and all documents are taken away she manages to reach the airport.

The journalist also said that When she drove in a taxi to the international airport, men’s on the street were clapping for the Taliban” and those men are also saying that “Mashallah! Go, America!”.

I have never imagined that I had seen this and How could I see this? she said, adding to this she also said that she could not offer goodbye to her family.

One of the Journalists also twitters that the fear of the Taliban is all over the women in Afghanistan and they poisoned the space for the women in public.

She also added that when her sister and friends were rushing to the home in Kabul city, people on the street shouted at them and say “The Taliban are coming because of you! and They are here to punished you!”

The other journalist who was not able to fly away from Afghanistan says that they have suffered all their lives and they will suffer more.

Taliban now said that they will provide equal rights to women but it can be taken at a face value due to horrors perpetrated on women in the past.

Taliban ruled over Afghanistan for five years till the 2001 US-led attack.

During these days Taliban bans women’s and girl’s rights for education and work. Even they restricted women and girls to go outside the home without being accompanied by the male relative.

The radical groups are also doing horrible things like a carried public execution, chopped off the hands of thieves, and stoned women involved in infidelity.

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