‘Doomscrolling’ During COVID-19: What Is Doomscrolling & How You Can Avoid It?

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is just relaxing at home. Finally, all we want is now happening, long months of holiday.
But, we never thought that relaxing at home or working from home is this much harder for everyone. Everyone is now tired by at home all time.

Now, everyone is facing some mental issues, mood swings, kind of dullness, some kind of stress, and in this all the more is added by the Negative News.

During the pandemic, there are so many negative spreads, and no one wants negativity in life. All are searching for happiness, positivity, and motivation.

Today, we will discuss the topic which is causing us during this pandemic and also how we can avoid it from causing us, hope you will enjoy the topic and let us know your feedback.

What is DoomScrolling?

Nowadays, on social media, no matter which platform you are using, there are so many negative posts spreads.

Even the WhatsApp message having negativity and which we got from our relatives, we read so much on social media but we never confirm that what we are reading is true or not?

We simply belives what message we got, what we read, what they show us in the video. We never confirm ourselves.

Not only social media but the News, they are doing their business by selling the news, Rather, by selling negative news and it is not the fault of news channels, we enjoy the news, we watch the negative news more and that’s why they do it.

People watch negative news more, they read the negative article and scroll through each post, endless scrolling through negative content not matter they are enjoying it or not, know as “Droomscrolling”.

“DroomScrolling” is also known as “Droom Surfing”, it is the activity to which we are addicted to reading news found online.

How DrommScrolling affect your Health?

Doomscrolling can be a detrimental habit, and harmful to your mental and as well your physical health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created more anxiety and depression among most of the peoples and in the addition of that reading, a negative news article or post will increase it more.

Consuming the negative information more daily can lead to depression in a vicious cycle.

Doomscrolling can also cause developing a mental health or an existing illness.

Even if you don’t have any past underlying mental health condition issues, constantly spending time on bad/negative news can lead you to “catastrophizing” or by focusing on the negative aspect of the world it makes you more and more difficult to recognize or notice the anything positive.

This mental health then can lead you to physical illness. When you experience stress like low-level stress or sudden stress, your body starts to kick into overdrive and release hormones such as “adrenaline” and “cortisol”.

Releasing “adrenaline” and “cortisol” can increase your heart rates, elevates your blood pressure. Releasing too much “adrenaline” and “cortisol” can cause burnout and make you more ill or unhappy.

There is also one common reason behind “Doomscrolling” is, peoples, addicted to their phones, they always watch something on the phone and it makes it for them to pause or stop negative behavior.

How to Avoid/Stop Droomscrolling?

COVID-19 pandemic is everywhere and each one has a habit to spend time on the phone and on the news, doomscrolling is a kind of habit someone can be addictive.

Quitting is not easy to do than we said, but here are some ways we are sharing that might help you to control it.

Avoid Social Media

Avoid the platform posting so much content and especially news, try to avoid platform who is focusing on the world struggling in the simple it is focusing more on the pandemic.

There is no necessity that each and everything you know about the pandemic. Don’t rush to know about anything related to the pandemic, it’s ok if you don’t know something.

By changing this habit to know everything or read everything about the pandemic take you to stress and depression, also you get addicted to the broomscrolling.

On social media, 99% of you know nothing about the news spreading, you even don’t know who writes it? Does even the writer do enough study? or he is an expert on the particular topic?.

You even don’t ask the above questions to yourself and start trusting the thing or news or remedies suggested in it and directly/indirectly it increases your stress and takes you to depression.

Try to avoid all social media platforms, it will harder for you at the start but it will help you lots of, you can spend time with family, the stress will over, you can start feeling happy.

Set a Time Limit

Setting the time limit can help you to reduce the stress, you can take a nap in between can help you out of a droomscrolling session.

Set the time limit on social media so that you can know when to stop and log off.

schedule some activity with friends during the time you likely doomscrolling.

You can install screen limiting apps that can let you know, how much time you spend on the phone each day.

Read Book or Stories

Make a habit to read books or stories whenever you feel like droomscrolling.

Try to read motivational, comedy books or stories which help you to stay happy and motivated.

Rather than reading the bad news or post, it is always better to read books or stories that make you happy and help you reduce your stress.

Learn Something New

Try to get some new hobby and try to learn something, as in this pandemic everyone is at home, there is plenty of time spent on. Which you can spend on to learn something and increase your skills.

Try to make some food or do some work at home, help your mommy or wife in the kitchen, do whatever makes you happy, and reduce your stress.

You can learn the thing which can help you to grow in your career, with learning you can avoid doomscrolling and you can also get a pick in career. Either way, you are in the profit.

Try to stay positive and motivated through the pandemic, hope the article helps you to avoid doomscrolling and stay motivated.

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