Difference between Input and Output devices

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There are many input and output devices of a computer, by which you can communicate or can command the computer and do whatever you want to do on it.

Keyboard, mouse, webcam, microphone and more, are the input devices that send a piece of information to the computer system for processing the task.

Monitor, printer, headphones and more are the output devices that display results of processing generated by input devices

Input devices provide the input to the computer systems and output devices accept the output after processing the data from the other devices.

There are devices that send an input to the computer system and while another input generates the output by processing the information generated by the input devices, these devices are known as the input or output devices.

The input devices are the devices that provide input to the system by the users whereas the output devices are the devices that reproduce the output signal for the user.


As the shown in the image the input device sends an electrical signal to the computer system, the computer system accept the signal as a input and translate it to produce the output or to show output to the user.

If we can take the example here, suppose the keyboard an input device, the user writes something using it, the input signal sends to the computer system.

The computer system then processes it to generate the output and show it onto the monitor for the user and the user able to see the output he writes.

The simple process happens and the computer system works using the both input and output devices.

Let’s see below the details about the input and output devices of computer and also with some input and output devices examples

Input Devices

An input devices are a devices that can receive a piece of information from the users and can forward the information to the another device.

But the input devices are not able to accept the data from another system.

After receiving the input, the input devices translate the received data into the electrical signals in binary code, these signals or binary codes can not be understandable by the humans.

The only thing that can understand these signals or binary code is the digital computers.

Let’s discuss about the few input devices below and understand them more.

Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard and Mouse are the input devices that are used by the user to give the input to the computer systems.

The devices send an received data from the users to the computer system, the system then takes over the control of it and process the rest.


The microphone is the input device that accepts the input in the terms of sounds generated by an input source and allows users to send a sound to the computer system.

In the microphone, the accepted signal from the computer system may be converted into a digital signal or can be analog as an analog signal.


The Webcam is the another input device which accept the data in terms of video.

It is the device which attached to the computer and by which you can capture picture or videos and can do a video calling and many more using the device

Output Devices

Output Devices are the devices that receive the data or information from another device to produce the output using the information.

The output devices has the ability to send the data to the other device and from the one computer system to the other computer system.

The output devices function to take the data from the input device and translate the digitalized signals into a form that can be understandable by the users.

Let’s discuss about the few output devices below and understand them more.


The monitor is the one of the important parts of the computer systems which display the information to the users and user can understand everything by looking into it.

The monitor has the ability to display the information to the user even in a higher resolution.

We can say it is much like an television and also known as the video screen or display unit.


Speakers are the more common and known output devices, the speakers accept the sound from the computer system and play the sounds which user can be heard.

Some of the speakers are only designed for the computers and they can not receive the sounds generated by the users, they are various types of speakers used.


The projector is an output device that shows or display the information in terms of visuals like a picture, video or more on a wall, on any screen or on any solid surface.

The projector accepts the data from the computer system and project that information.

The projector is not having the capability to share the information with other devices or to receive the information from the user.

When the crowd is large and you want to show them the visual or in a large meeting want to show the presentation, the projector is always preferred in terms of monitors.

What are the different input and output devices of computer?

Input devices are the hardware devices that are connected to the computer and send out the information or data to the computers.

Output devices are the hardware devices connected to the computer system which receives the incoming data.

The information or data sent by the connected input devices is reproduced or displayed by the output devices.

Most of the devices connected to the computer system are either of input devices or output devices.

Let’s see some of the input and output devices examples as discussed:

CD-RW drive and DVD-RW drive:

These drives processes for receiving data from a computer as an input to copy onto a writable CDs or DVDs. and, this data managed on a CD’s or DVD’s is sent by the drive to the computer.

USB flash drive:

USB flash drive is also known or referred to as the keychain drive, data stick, USB flash drive, thumb drive, memory unit, and as a pen drive.

The devices are the portable devices and you can carry them with you anywhere, which accepts or saves the data from the computer devices.

The device connects to the computer system via USB ports and which accepts or transfer the data from one computer system to the other.

Difference Between Input and Output Devices

Input Device Output Device
The hardware devices which are used to give information, command or data to the computer system. The hardware devices which uses the data received from the computer system to carry out a certain task.
Able to transfer the data to other devices but can not receive a piece of information. The devices can obtain the data from another device and can also produce output from it but they cannot transfer the data to another device
Necessary for the computer system, to give user commands or data to be processed for the computers. The devices require when the computer has to share its result or information and also, helps to prompt the users for additional information, data and commands.
Controlled by the users Managed by the computer systems
Difficult and complex coding used Compared to the input devices, less complex designed
Input Device Examples: Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick, scanner, microphone, touchpad Output Device Examples: Monitor, Printer, Headphones, Computer Speakers, Projector, Video Card


What are 10 input and output devices?

Input Devices Example:-

  1. Keyboard
  2. Mouse
  3. Touchpad
  4. Scanner
  5. Digital Camera
  6. Microphone
  7. Joystick
  8. Graphic Tablet
  9. Touch Screen
  10. Webcam

Output Devices Example:-

  1. Monitor
  2. Printer
  3. Headphones
  4. Computer Speakers
  5. Projector
  6. GPS
  7. Sound Card
  8. Video Card
  9. Braille Reader
  10. Speech-Generating Device

How do you identify input and output devices?

The input device is something that you connect to a computer that transmits data into the computer.

The output device is something that you connect to a computer that has data transmitted to it.


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