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As we are using the daily computer basis these days, we are familiar with the parts of the computer system we interact with daily.
The computer also quickly processes various types of data. To work with this data, we need multiple types of devices. These devices are called Input-Output devices. The commonly used Input and Output devices of the computer are like keyboard, mouse, printer, joystick, speaker, etc.
Today we will discuss these devices to get a clear basic idea about both input and output devices.

input output devices

What is mean by Input Devices?

Any Device whose primary function is to provide data and information to the computer are called an input device. There are many input devices like a keyboard, mouse, light pen, scanners, microphones, etc.


A mouse is an essential part of the computer. It is also known as the pointing device. Mouse mainly works on the point and click principle. There are three types of mouse-like a wired mouse, wireless mouse, and BlueTooth mouse.


A keyboard allows a user to enter letters, numbers, and other symbols into a computer. These are called characters on a keyboard. Generally, the keyboard has 104 different keys. The keyboard is used to direct the computer through instructions.

Light Pens

Light pens allow a user to draw directly on the computer screen or display objects similarly to the touchscreen but with high position accuracy.


A scanner is used to scan documents such as photographs and any pages of text/image. A Scanner creates the electronic version of the scanned documents that can easily be viewed and edits on the computer.


A microphones use to input sound, which will be then stored in digital form on the computer.

Input devices Sample Questions

Q1. ______ pen is an input device that is used to select objects on a computer screen.

A. Ink B. Magnetic C. Light D. None of the Above

Answer (C) Light

Q2. Which of the following is not an input device?

A. Scanner B. Touchpad C. Barcode Reader D. Speaker

Answer (D) Speaker

Q3. Which of the following is an example of the pointing device?

A. Mouse B. Printer C. Scanner D. Barcode Reader

Answer (A) Mouse

Q4. Which of the following stored information in digital form?

A. Mouse B. Keyboard C. Scanner D. Microphone

Answer (D) Microphone

Q5. How many keys are there on the keyboard?

A. 105 B. 104 C. 99 D. 100

Answer (B) 104.

What is mean by Output Devices?

Any device that outputs the information or data from a computer is called an output device. Output devices are any hardware equipment used to display or project data processed by a computer. There are many output devices like monitors, printers.


A Monitor is an essential part of the computer which is used to display the processed information. Monitor display information in the pictorial form. There are five types of monitor, LCD, LED, OLED, Plasma, CRT Monitor.


A printer is used to print paper documents which include images, text. There are two types of printer inkjet printer and laser printer. A laser printer is the first choice for businesses, where an inkjet printer is the common choice of the consumer.


Headphones are used to listen to the sound from the computer. Headphones come with two small speakers as one speaker for each ear.

Output devices Sample Questions

Q1. Which of the following is a device that lets the computer communicate with you?

A. Input B. Output C. Print D. Type

Answer (B) Output

Q2. Which of the following is not an output device?

A. Scanner B. Printer C. Monitor D. All of the above

Answer (A) Scanner

Q3. Using Output Devices, we can _____?

A. Input data B. Scan data C. Store data D. View/Print data

Answer (D) View/Print data

Q4. Is speaker the type of _____?

A. Input B. Output C. Both Input and Output D. None of the above

Answer (B) Output

Q5. Which type of printer first choice for the businesses?

A. Laser B. Inkjet C. Both Laser and Inkjet D. None of the above

Answer (A) Laser

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