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As soon as the student finishes studies the only focus goes on the career or we can rather say students pick the studies options or thread according to the career opportunities.

While taking the admission to the graduation each and every Students think about the career option first and according to their preferences they choose the graduation programmed likewise.

If particular students want to grow their career in medical or engineer they pick the 12th standard and graduation programmed likewise if they want to make career-related in farming they pick the agricultural thread.

But now the important question that arises here is whether or not the thread you choosing and wants to develop your career in that has any job opportunities or not?

Many people do business but not everyone and indirectly for those students it becomes necessary to check whether the thread is providing enough jobs or not? otherwise rather than developing it will ruin their career very early easily.

And that’s why it becomes necessary to have enough knowledge and a picture-perfect plan for your career while taking a step towards it.

You have to take all information needed while starting your education about that particular field, what are the business opportunities it has? and what are the job opportunities it has? and how you can grow your career in that field? and can reach the top? what to do after completion of education?

Above are the simplest questions that come into our mind before taking a step toward it, as a career is the most important thing in everyone’s life. It takes a man from bottom to top if he chooses it right otherwise it will take them from top to bottom if the plan is not perfect.

From the above discussion, the one thing we can surely say is that before taking admission or choosing a particular field you have to study it in a more deep way and have to be aware of its career options and various opportunities, in short, you have to do a perfect career planning.

What is Career?

Word career usually refers to the things we do for living purposes, on which we manage our all expenses. People do two things for a living if we categories it, first, they do business, we call them entrepreneurs and others do jobs for them.

Having a career option is normally referred to the fields in which you are working, some have their career in medical fields, agricultural fields, and engineering fields.

No matter what the field is, you are doing something in it and on which you buy your bread and butter, the simple thing your occupation occurs from.

You must have here the things like some have an excellent career as an engineer or doctor or something else. Here the doctor, engineer or anything mentioned here is the field in which someone has a career or job or earning money.

What is the most popular career?

Choosing the right career might depend on many factors and mostly the factor that is important here is the will of the student.

Some students choose the career option based on their interest in the particular field or they choose it because their parents have a career or business in it, so that they can take over it or can work in it better.

There are many points one can choose the career to be in particular including the opportunities, salary, relaxation, and many more based on the student’s point of view.

We are here now discussing the most popular career options based on the opportunities, whether the particular field is giving you an expecting salary or the relaxation you want is not more important than the opportunities.

In this more competitive world, the most important thing is opportunities, salary and all other things are matter next. If the opportunities or jobs are not available in a particular position then the salary does not matter.

If you graduate in a particular field which is providing a higher salary but after graduation, you don’t get an opportunity, what will you do?

There are many fields which are providing excellent career opportunities in large amounts and also having a higher salary option.

If we can take an example of the Engineering field, every thread of engineering has an excellent career opportunity including business and also they are getting enough salary.

Engineering is the most popular field among students which are providing a large number of jobs to graduate students.

The second most popular field among students is the medical field, in which you can have various and tremendous career opportunities and you can earn money as per your expectations.

Agriculture is another popular field that has a large number of career opportunities. This is the field where a large number of innovations are required frequently.

Like this, there are many fields that provide a large number of opportunities and with that enough amount of salary or money and also it gives you a tremendous opportunity to grow your career likewise.

Top 100 Career Opportunities

Sr. No Occupation Number of Jobs
1 Software Developer 143,400
2 Market Research Analyst 116,400
3 Medical Secretary 210,240
4 Landscaper & Groundskeeper 240,850
5 Medical Assistant 162,930
6 Accountant 190,740
7 Medical Assistant 162,930
8 Home Health Aide 706,300
9 Pharmacy Technician 108,200
10 Management Analyst 157,400
11 Preschool Teacher 113,630
12 Nursing Aide 302,700
13 Sales Representative 223,700
14 Receptionist 248,540
15 Teacher Assistant 191,500
16 Janitor 157,400
17 Cashier 250,230
18 Management Analyst 157,400
19 Electrician 133,730
20 Construction Worker 212,500
21 Security Guard 195,300
22 Carpenter 196,200
23 Customer Service Representative 338,300
24 Auto Mechanic 124,800
25 Restaurant Cook 117,800
26 Administrative Assistant 118,500
27 Radiologic Technologist 61,500
28 Cost Estimator 67,400
29 Construction Worker 212,500
30 Financial Advisor 66,440
31 Dentist 27,600
32 Registered Nurse 712,900
33 Pharmacist 69,740
34 Computer Systems Analyst 120,440
35 Physician 168,330
36 Database Administrator 33,600
37 Physical Therapist 65,740
38 Web Developer 65,740
39 Dental Hygienist 68,300
40 Occupational Therapist 36,420
41 Veterinarian 23,000
42 Computer Programmer 43,730
43 School Psychologist 31,700
44 Physical Therapist Assistant 30,300
45 Interpreter & Translator 24,620
46 Mechanical Engineer 21,200
47 Veterinary Technologist & Technician 41,700
48 Epidemiologist 37,630
49 IT Manager 55,830
50 Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 23,300
51 Computer Systems Administrator 96,600
52 Respiratory Therapist 31,300
53 Civil Engineer 51,400
54 Substance Abuse Counselor 23,450
55 Speech-Language Pathologist 28,850
56 Marriage & Family Therapist 14,840
57 Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 23,300
58 Lawyer 73,630
59 Compliance Officer 32,440
60 High School Teacher 71,930
61 Clinical Laboratory Technician 23,840
62 Maintenance & Repair Worker 142,300
63 Bookkeeping, Accounting, & Audit Clerk 259,000
64 Financial Manager 46,360
65 Recreation & Fitness Worker 124,730
66 Elementary School Teacher 248,810
67 Insurance Agent 90,200
68 Elementary School Teacher 248,810
69 Dental Assistant 91,600
70 Construction Manager 86,640
71 Public Relations Specialist 58,230
72 Middle School Teacher 108,340
73 Massage Therapist 30,940
74 Paramedic 75,440
75 Hairdresser 98,430
76 Marketing Manager 24,250
77 Patrol Officer 54,600
78 School Counselor 53,430
79 Executive Assistant 156,600
80 Financial Analyst 54,300
81 Personal Care Aide 607,500
82 Clinical Social Worker 51,200
83 Business Operations Manager 81,620
84 Loan Officer 41,500
85 Meeting, Convention & Event Planner 31,500
86 Mental Health Counselor 58,230
87 Architect 27,940
88 Sales Manager 40,500
89 HR Specialist 61,640
90 Plumber 107,640
91 Real Estate Agent 45,400
92 Glazier 41,940
93 Art Director 6,730
94 Logistician 27,830
95 Bus Driver 83,000
96 Child & Family Social Worker 58,200
97 Paralegal 46,930
98 Cement Mason & Concrete Finisher 50,500
99 Painter 72,600
100 Sports Coach 71,500

Bottom Line

Every student has a dream to having a good and successful career, and for that the only important thing they need to do is they have to choose their career field by thinking very much.

You have to think about each and every aspect by very carefully and then choose the field wisely, as many thing based on these you have to be careful everytime.

The above career options have the large number of position open into the India, but these number can be vary as time goes, you have to do your proper research for the correct number at particular time.

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