Yoga for Everyone: A Beginner Guide

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It’s time to roll out your yoga mat and discover the variety of physical and mental activities that for thousands of years have connected yoga practitioners around the world.

Yoga, many peoples are now preferring yoga more, the reason behind this is countless. Some want to improve stamina and others want relief from muscle pain.

Yoga, not only targets one of the body parts but the whole body and by which it becomes your body more strong and more flexible.

In India, people do not look at it as exercise and not only as a physical practice that makes you fit and fine but also as mental and spiritual practice.

Yoga originate in ancient India with the aim to control and still the mind, recognizing a detached witness-consciousness unaffected by the sense and everyday suffering.

Yoga has a Vedic origin and is reflected in the Vedic textual canon, and influenced Buddhism.

By doing regularly yoga, it helps to stilling your mind and achieving insights.

It helps to reduce stress levels and inflammation in the body.

There are many yoga exercises for weight loss and can also bring down your high blood pressure. These two are majorly connected or can to heart disease.

While starting yoga, look for easy yoga poses or yoga for beginners and you have to think about the following things once.

1. Start with Acceptance


As we discussed above yoga is far more than a just form of exercise, it is a way of living peacefully.

In Sanskrit, the word Yoga simple means a “Union”, a Union among all elements of you are living.

When you begin to live in a state of Yoga or Union, there is no separation between you are thoughts and your current state.

Which simply means no complaint and craving thinking about the way things should or are necessary to be.

While Developing this mindset, can take a year, get started ever before stepping foot on a yoga mat.

Take a minute to appreciate your efforts, body, your life and circumstances.

2. Release Expectations


The moment you start to practice an appreciation, at the point, you will start to feel expectations start to slip out.

Start to accept what is at it is, and don’t compare yourself with any other because everyone is different, even our fingers also.

The word expectations here suggest you do not compare for example if you saw a simple video of anybody on social media then you start thinking about it, why I am not able to do this? It is so simple but I am not able to do it? How useless I am? and so and so.

These all things will not give you anything but negativity and depression.

Release these all expectations and start yoga purely from mind and heart.

Try to focus more on what you are doing and not on the irrelevant fluff.

We are suggesting to you here that yoga is far more important to start with mentally rather than physically.

Get yourself into the positive, happy and right mindset and then practice will evolve inherently, beautifully, and safely.

3. Understand the Core of Yoga


Understanding yoga and in which way it does work on your body is more important.

Do not take it as if it is not only about extreme flexibility or turning your muscles and spine into fancy shapes.

Yoga is about controlling your breathing, discovering inner strength and peace through meditation and making freedom in the body with basic yoga poses.

If you do regular yoga, it will make you control your emotions, mind, and thoughts.

There is no amazement, there are poses and different meditation which helps you to do that.

Yoga is far more than one can understand, it is like an ocean and we can just take a sip or two sips that’s enough.

Even we can say the yoga teacher is also aware of the only steps they are teaching and not more than that.

4. Notice Your Breathing


Breathing exercise is really an important one, the most important thing to learn from this is not the how-to breathe but the awareness of breath.

Many yoga teachers or classes can instruct or teach completely a different style of breathing but believe at last it’s really all the same.

The most beneficial aspect of yoga for beginners is the connection between awareness and breath.

Whether you are filling your chest with fresh oxygen in a relaxing yoga pose or taking a forceful exhale out of the mouth in a Kundalini yoga.

Simply starting to notice you inhale and exhale of breath can take you to a night of deep better sleep.

It also helps you to reduce stress and present moment awareness.

Take the effort to notice the breath, even if you are not able to do some of the more complex poses.

Carefully guide it will have equally deep effects on your practice.

5. Get Comfortable in Stillness


Most of us find it very challenging to sit still we would rather run around, checking mobile phones, doing some other stuff and keep busy checking items off our to-do list than just sitting still without doing anything.

Even when we are chilling out, our hands constantly drum on our mobile phone or T.V remote or doing some other stuff that is not making any profit to us.

So before trying to do the most advanced yoga poses, try to find some of the yoga journals or pages on social media, and try the most basic tents of the yoga of all, being present.

Even most peoples carry books or smartphones with them on the toilet.

So, next time when you are waiting in the queue or going to the toilet or just chilling out, notice the trick to whip your phone out for a distraction.

6. Learn Basic Yoga Poses


Once you are ready to start doing your yoga practice physically, start mindfully testing with yoga poses for newbies.

There is no need to try or start with the more complex and advanced poses at the start or to try to be as flexible as the person next to you.

You can start you are yoga practice right at your home by watching a yoga video online or by reading from a yoga journal.

There are a few basic steps or poses to start with. Start yoga practices with basic yoga poses, whether you are learning from an online video or a journal, you can find these poses anywhere.

If you are starting yoga poses learning from an online video, try to learn every aspect of the pose.

In every aspect, the position of hands, feet, spine, hips, face and every body part position matters the most in yoga.

In yoga, every aspect and position of body parts matters the most.

You have to do it as it is suggested, or it will not be as much effective as noted.

Not only does the position of our body matter most but also our breath.

How we need to breathe while doing a particular position also matters most.

7. Find Beginner Classes


We can here suggest you find yoga classes, which have good reviews from customers.

As discussed above while doing yoga from the position to breath all things matter most.

And all these things you can better learn only in yoga classes.

The instructor at yoga classes will teach you or guide you through all these small and important aspects.

Find a registered yoga class and instructor near you with the best customer reviews.

Discussed with an instructor regarding all aspects and find out the perfect and right yoga workout for you.

Discussed the motive for which you are joining the yoga classes, so that instructor can train you likewise.

Discussed each and every aspect of this clearly with your instructor so that you don’t have to struggle more.

After all, we want you to start yoga as soon as possible, while doing all these things follow all instructions given by the instructor carefully.

Bottom Line

We here suggest you do yoga regularly, yoga is not restricted to anyone, it does not have any age limit, anyone can do yoga for living a healthy life.

From the child to senior citizens one can do yoga and can leave a healthy and peaceful life.

It also helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and because of yoga, you can overcome many diseases.

While doing yoga, it is not necessary to carry any type of equipment with you and it also not required a large space to do so.

Only a 6 feet space is enough to do a proper yoga and is easily available in anyone’s home.

We are sure you are going to start a yoga practice soon and we wish you the best of luck with the same.

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